When dinner goes wrong

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Dinner today was different from usual. Instead of rice, it was mushroom onion steak and sesame, ‘black round thingy’ seeded bun, salad with vinegar and dhal soup. Seems very nice doesn’t it? Well s0hp0h must admit she does feel WOW looking at the dinner but s0hp0h learnt the hard way that appearance and taste is totally two diff things? It’s like a very pretty girl with ki siao personality. Okla, it’s not like my aunt can’t cook. It’s not about the cooking. It’s the weird smell of the beef. The fact that the beef is soooo beefed up doesn’t help at all. It’s like so OLD and the meat was plain dry and tough. Maybe it was just s0hp0h cause earlier this morning, s0hp0h was subjected into multiple experiments where s0hp0h needs to bite down on this force measuring thingy after chewing ten minutes of gum and placing a freezing icepack on the cheek. Dental students now adays do such WEIRD things don’t u think? Anyhow, biting down so many times hurts like crazy and the jaw joint starts to sore like crazy oso. Sigh. Anyhow anyhow, it’s NOT about the tough meat, more importantly is, oh gosh, flash back first:

This afternoon s0hp0h was in Bio lab and there was a cadaver splitted into many many pieces. It was quite interesting lo with the lungs feeling so spongy, the skin soooo wrinkled and to find hair and nails still attached to the body. Another interesting thing is there Perky was, examining the leg of the cadaver and commented, ‘Hungry wei…’ But what’s even moreee interesting is Viv’s fascination at the cadaver’s genitalia, mind you a guy’s, and she started flipping the you-noe-wat-long-thing to reveal the you-noe-what-round-thing. -.-” YY was like shaking her head, tsk tsk tsk-ing. Lolx, poor man who donated his body for learning purposes and yet, now he was subjected to OTHER learning purposes for Viv. Respect Viv, respect! Hmm, maybe Viv isn’t all that crooked after all hor, hor, HOR? Anyhow, that’s still not the main thing. The point is, cadaver smells u noe, as u can imagine. The smell isn’t reli DAT bad, it’s just a weird smell. End of flash back…

Then hor, back to the dinner right, s0hp0h was eating the mushroom, the white OZ kind that s0hp0h HATES cos the smell is just plain GROSS. Anyhow, then s0hp0h tot, it’s just the mushroom, just eat it and then can enjoy the steak. No, no NOOO was s0hp0h wrong. When s0hp0h placed that seemingly juicy meat into s0hp0h tongue, gosh, the cadaver’s image just sprung up s0hp0h’s head. Oh gosh, they smell the SAME. Yee, gulp, anyhow, s0hp0h ate the dinner anyway cos it will be impolite not doing so, while keep thinking about the cadaver and reminiscing the awkward smell. Going to have nitemares tonite =(


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,


    i respect the pnis ok?! peter asked me to flip it!!!!!!! diu

    it’s not long long thing. it’s short ok?

    and be grateful la..got steak to eat i eat air only la

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    .. i rather eat air than eating cadaver-smelt-like-steak…

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