Yor.. Wat la..

s0hMood > *sleepy* deprivation of sleep lately, oni get 8 hours a day, sigh, an average s0hp0h needs 14 ok… sighhhhhh

My title prolly suggested the bitterness in my tone? Oh, it doesn’t? Then hor, try this, F*** F*** F*** la!!! Lolx, why u may ask? Neh, Viv la, keep say blog blog blog. Ntg to blog then blog wat shit wo? Blog shit meh? Like what I’m doing now lo, but i reli dun wan include shit in my blog sia. It didn’t use to be like dat. It used to be ME pestering her to blog blog n blog and now here I am suffering a very low blogging point, being tortured continuously for not blogging. -.-“””

Anyways, better crap up sumthing right. Today in Uni sumthing interesting happened. Sue Anne found that Viv is doot!!!! LOLx, how funny and the weirdest thing is when she commented how she feel weird seeing EP. Dun worry Sue Anne if u r reading this blog, cos I felt that TOO. WAHAHHAHA. And it’s even weirder to see Viv got all panic and she was like shit shit shit. She just can’t get over it cos she think’s it effing embarassing. Again, I think that THREE.

What’s more? Ntg la except loads and loads of work and stuff la. Damn annoying sia. Hate the feeling of being constantly bombarded by assignments can? *grrrrrrr* Whoever who created the concept of assignment, ohh not forgetting tests, quizzes, reviews, exams etc….. Deng!~~~

Btw, Perky and Viv were arguing on whether CB is vulgar. OF course laaaaaaa. Imagine who’s the one saying it’s not? Anyone with the working right mind will think of course Viv la right? BUT no no no hell no, it’s Perky. -.- She’s getting real vulgar and verbally abusive cum agressive lately… PMS? Premature freaking early Menopause? Hmm, I wonder…


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,


    nice update la……….

    do sth like this everyday then i wont pester u sia

    wtf is that DOOT just put GAY la noob wahahaha


    wtcbf =p

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    oo.. so dat i dun have to write out dat word ma.. dun wan spread too kua zhang.. HAHAHA

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