Inside a s0hp0h’s life..

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Another new day, thus meaning another blogging obligation… -.-” Since when blogging has became a burden? Not so long ago from today, s0hp0h was like the mostttt avid, SS, self-obsessed blogger who blogs everyday like nobody’s business. And yet today, that part of s0hp0h seemed so far way. Hmm. If u haven’t notice, s0hp0h is AGAIN creating shit up, for the sake of blogging..

So, what’s new today? Ntg reli. Oh, did I say I reli reli reli super hyper hateeeeee SG? Hmm, if u noe, U can proudly call urself s0hp0h’s fren. Those who dunno, tsk tsk tsk, shame on u. Even [T][A][G] oso dunno bout it cos they’re not s0hp0h’s fren =(, they’re s0hp0h’s best best BEST frens =). Lol. Dunno why, today s0hp0h reli miss TAG a lot hor. Maybe cos of SG la. Diu (note note noteeee, s0hp0h thinks this is the first time she diu-ed in the blog?)

Sigh.. Notice Viv’s post bout her life, well lifeless life, ok, means no life, nono, lifeless and no life’s diff because she still has a life? WTF, wateva la.. Just that she was talking how she don’t enjoy doing what she’s doing, which is a big prob hor, cos it’s going to be what she’s going to be doing for practically the rest of her life? At times s0hp0h also feel that too actually, just that s0hp0h usually just brushed it off, sleep liao, wake up then a brand new day ahead hor. It’s not like s0hp0h doesn’t like doing Dentistry.. It’s just sometimes s0hp0h wonders, y did s0hp0h get in in the first place? It’s like s0hp0h so DUN deserve it? Seriously it wasn’t like s0hp0h’s ultimate desire. Ok, put it this way, ntg at that time appealed to s0hp0h so, s0hp0h just put down SOME of the stuff that seemed interesting and then decide when s0hp0h get the offers. At that moment, frankly, s0hp0h put dentistry down because of money s0hp0h nvr ever tot she’s going to get in anyway, but just in case, just try? s0hp0h was kind of stuck, like she can and cannot believe whether she’s going to get in. It’s weird. Anyhow, now that’s all over, choices are history and now, s0hp0h’s in even worse condition. It’s like, dentistry = s0hp0h’s life from now ON. Hell. Nvr tot of it this way, The feeling didn’t reli sink in. Going to Uni everyday is just like the good old days in secondary skool doing chem. Liked it but it was nvr part of s0hp0h’s life. Not even close. It’s more like a routine and yes, it is interesting, but the fun part is always the end of the lesson.

But now it’s diff. Whether s0hp0h like it or not, it’s going to be s0hp0h’s life. Hmm, btw did s0hp0h mention she’s doing shit at the moment? Ah nvm LOL. As long as s0hp0h pass is enough. Oh and as long as s0hp0h’s comm and clinical skills is good then everything’s fine ya ^^. See? See how s0hp0h just disregard the problems day by day? Sigh, u can prolly say s0hp0h’s living in denial but then, if s0hp0h dun do this, what else can she do lo. Transfer course? Actually there’s ntg else s0hp0h wanna do. s0hp0h just wanna do ntg. Can? Can.. Work hard and graduate as a dentist, get a job, work s0hp0h’s ass off till it hurts, then retire when she’s 40. Nice… An alternative would be marry a rich deadly ill old guy, wait till he die and get all his money. Hohoho, but that seemed pretty slim… Fine lo, work work work lo!

p/s btw, s0hp0h does enjoy drilling a lot, LOL, prolly extraction will be FUN too…


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