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Yes, assigments again, and I have lots and lots of them. But i wasn’t exactly talking bout those. I was browsing through the folders of my old stuff, try to clear the rubbish out, when I found this one assignment I did last year as part of my narrative piece. It was veryyyy loosely based on a true story which happened to my friends. But only the accident part. Ntg else.

Thus this piece when I wrote it, was especially decicated to Ms Yap and Ms Kwa.

Warning: Gay contents.. As in lame gay. Not gay gay, er, u might think so, but i dun. It reli was oni lame gay.

Pls proceed if u r interested cos u r like so god damn boring..

Farewell, friend.(see even the title was gay… what WAS i thinking?)

She tried to speak, but nothing came out. Anxious, she bent down her neck and placed her right ear inches away from her mouth. She whispered between her heavy breathings, “I am sorry. I should have known you would mind. After all, you liked him first. And… and, the bracelet… Oh, I am so, so sorry.”

“It’s this stop, Chris,” Jamie nudged Christy softly after she heard a ‘ting’ from her pushing the red button. She stood up from the padded seat and straightened her skirt. The worn tyres screeched as the angry-faced bus driver hit the brakes impatiently. Gripping her fingers tightly onto the steel bar, she smiled the moment she caught sight of the string of blue crystals fastened around her bony wrist. The old bus pulled over perfectly in front of the yellow painted bus stand, covered with graffiti. “Chris, Come on!” Jamie cried, almost yelling as she waved for the seemingly disturbed girl who remained still on the seat to join her near the automatic door. She took another glimpse realising that the blue beads weren’t as shiny as they used to be.

She watched the bus slowly picking up speed, fading away into the heavy traffic ahead. Vehicles of all sorts zoomed by in front of them hastily; buses packed with passengers; huge trucks carrying commercial goods; families having a day out in four wheel drives; pricey cars with loving couples and desperate bachelors on their lonely motorcycles. Walking slowly down the path, she began to wonder silently the reason behind Christy’s uneasy coldness. She cracked her head thinking whether she had done something to upset her? Gritting her teeth, she thought, “Is she still angry with me? Is it because of him? But she said she didn’t mind. She’s cool with it and everything.”

The fierce wind blew and as if on cue, she pulled her coat closer to her figure, crossing her arms. Looking up at the sky, she noticed the gloomy clouds were sitting dangerously low, gradually overcasting the trace of the bright-orange star. To lighten up the mood, she blurted out, “Isn’t it nice that we are having this gathering? It has been so long since we last saw the others. Since we graduated from primary school. I wonder how everyone’s changed. It is so exciting. I can’t wait to see them.” “I guess so,” Christy replied, uninterested. Not giving up, Jamie inhaled deeply and made her second attempt as she lifted her arm with the dangling bracelet. “Hey, look, it appears a bit dull doesn’t it?” Jamie uttered, and continued after receiving no response, “I can still remember when you first gave it to me, it shimmered gracefully before the sunlight. It was, it is gorgeous. That was the best sixteenth birthday present!”

Slightly bowing her head, she fiddled around with the bracelet aimlessly as they reached the next road, right opposite to the mall. “Oh my God, this road is so busy. They should really build an overhead bridge here or something. Who would walk a kilometre just to get to the traffic lights? There isn’t even a proper pedestrian crossing. It’s so ridiculous and I wonder what those people in the council really do,” Jamie complained endlessly, watching the traffic flow carefully so that they could seize the opportunity to get to the other side of the main road. Christy, as usual, forcibly drew a faint smile across her pale face and shrugged. Jamie sighed loudly in her heart, a sign of defeat. The angry side of her wanted to scream out so badly, “What is wrong with you?”

“Alright Chris, hang on to me,” Jamie’s fingers proceeded to find Christy’s and at the same time, fixing her eyes on the traffic as she estimated carefully in her head, which gap between the bustling cars promised a safe crossing. The moment their hand came into contact, she sensed the other hand pulling away from her. She turned her head to where Christy was almost immediately; just to discover that her friend was making her own way through the busy road. She was bewildered by Christy’s bizarre behaviour. Hurt, she held firmly onto the bracelet.

One, two, three and eventually all of the detached blue crystals fell into the ground. They bounced and bounced in all directions. Some started rolling and others settled down gradually. It was as if her heart was broken into pieces and she stood still witnessing it all. The world had stopped and she was no longer aware of her surroundings. There was only her and the beads. Nothing more.

A sudden shriek shook her and her thoughts into tiny particles. However, she struggled to locate the source of the voice as she found it hard to focus. Her eyes were so blurry that she could hardly see. Her head spun heavily as if she was on the spinning cup ride and she felt sick. She was clueless as to what had happened. Worried about Christy’s well being, she tried her very best to concentrate. She blinked her eyes numerous times, hoping she would see things more clearly. To no avail, her sight became worse but she couldn’t care less. She only wanted to know if Christy was fine and she was determined.

It wasn’t long before she finally realised what had happened. She should have seen it coming. How could she be so careless? Now she was going to lose her friend, for sure. It was all her fault. Unforgivable. She watched her friend’s small frame collapsing onto her knees about one metre away from the Toyota Corolla. Blood started to roll down her forehead, and then her cheek, her neck, forming lines on her face. It dripped onto her white dress, colouring the clothing like an exquisite form of art. Her fragile body leaned sideways and plunged to the ground helplessly with her head landing hard between her hands.

Minutes passed like hours, she spared no time and desperately fought her way to where she lay. Impatient, she shouted bitterly for nearby cars to stop and didn’t even notice that tears were trickling out of her eyes. Kneeling right beside her, she was petrified and yelled on top of her lungs for 000. Now, she could only hold her hand stained with blood and feel it tremble. She lay her down flat and examined her breathing as she mumbled continuously to her, begging her to hang on, begging for God not to take her away.

“Chris, please say you will forgive me. Please,” Jamie muttered as she shut her gleaming eyes, closing herself away from the world.

– The End –

If at this moment, u still haven vomit blood, wow, congrats, u have extremely high tolerance for gay contents and can proceed to read The Lesbian’s blog.. which of course, only The Lesbian herself can’t go read, unless if she’s obsessed with her own blog, which I highly suspect she DOES. Btw, dun blame me for blogging lame shit cos I reli wasn’t going to blog due to expired brain. Got blog oledi very good liao lo… although I blog liao = din blog


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,

    well wat happened to christy in the end? uhhh??

    why is she mad at her in the first place?!!? Uhh…

    not gay…sad story la not gay

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    oh..u dun get it ah?? nvm.. lol.. at least u noe jamie died?? u dunno?? writing sucks even more.. HJAHHAHAHAHA

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