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The main reason s0hp0h hates group work hor, is like scared of meetin group members liked mentioned in Viv’s blog posts – (1) & (2). Omg, they are like soooo anooying and totally irresponsible. And even Viv’s desperate attempt of doing everything herself didn’t work. -.-‘ And that b*tch still has the nerveeeee to say, ‘Since u oledi did this, why dun u do it. It will be MORE appropriate if u DO this.’ Wahlao, this kind of ppl, sorry if s0hp0h sound mean la, but maybe that’s the reason that b*tch failed? Ok, too mean.

Anyhow, aisyeh, s0hp0h swear hor, if s0hp0h get a person lidat as a group member, wahlao, sure doomed. s0hp0h doomed? YES. Them doomed? EVEN MORE SO! Sigh, feel sorry for poor Viv. Cannot believe such people actually exist lo. Well, actually can. But but, it’s just, bahhhh, f**k her, and them. s0hp0h remembered during the entrance interview, the interviewer asked, ‘So, what will you do if your group members are lazy and don’t co-operate and said to you, oh, I can’t do it, since u are so good, why dun U just do it?’ And of course, in that interview situation, for sure U’ll say, ‘oh, i’ll just motivate the person, do it with them, bullshit bullshit n more bullshit’. But s0hp0h was rather realistic saying, if it was due, s0hp0h will do it herself lo. Yama, mm tong they dun do, s0hp0h oso dun do and fail together? The thing is, u’ll say, dun so stupid help them. Yes, s0hp0h’s s0h, but not chun la. Like in Viv’s case, lucky for her it’s non-graded, but still need to be pass, then s0hp0h won’t care less lo. Not trying to influence u to not do it oh Viv, just saying if is s0hp0h, s0hp0h wont DO la. Do s0hp0h’s part can liao. Then send it off to them if they are late in sending you the material. s0hp0h’s not going to sit here and wait you send the thing whenever you want, u think s0hp0h ‘chiak ba boh ming kia jo’ is it?

Okla, scrap that hor. Viv san san fu fu finish the freaking thing herself, then that siao char bo only send her the night before it was due. Then the next morning, when it was due, when to ask Viv about it. And accuse her, HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PRESENT IF YOU DUN INCLUDE MY THING? (need to do oral presentation). -.-”” Wahlao, her audacity just KILLS s0hp0h can? Ok, pls excuse s0hp0h for being vulgar, ekhem, reli feel like shoving thing up her arse sia. Yes it’s gross, but seriously, this is the first time s0hp0h feel that way. Luckily she’s not in s0hp0h’s group, cos now not s0hp0h’s business oso so beh tahan her, if in s0hp0h’s group, dun say her arse, shove it down her freaking nostrils oso ah! Btw, in the carse of someone saying that to you, a recommended s0hp0h answer would be, “Harlow? your brain got problem? Knock knock, oh i SEE, you dun have a brain.” Nola, not so gengla, but the very least say, “Wa ka lu gong, wa very the beh tahan you ok, u dun play play with wa. Wa ka lu joh, oledi very bei min liao, lu ko ai ha mi? Mai present, NVM. Dan si lu mai in the end ka wa gong, why boh lu eh mia. Excuse me, HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PUT YOUR NAME DOWN WHEN U DID NTG?”. Period.


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    MsLiverpool said,


    shove the dick up her arse and nostrils!! LOL classic la……

    dr parker knows bout it ady. she…asked me “did u do most of the work by urself?” i was like “uhhh….” because omg takkan complain then yak wok sok then she said “don worry u wont get them into trouble” and looked at me wit that osf mesmerizing eyes and i macam kena curse or wat, then told her everything >.< she said, submit it, if those in the group who din do, the mark wont change wor.. liddat.

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