The Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Post

s0hMood > *Hau suang OOOOO*

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~ FOr those who dun noe, this is the infamous sound made by one particular person in encountering happiness. Oh, and did s0hp0h mentioned she’s happy? AnyWAY, tomolo’s the last day of the TERM, omg omg! Which means holidays are coming, woo hoo, the well earned two weeks break, and so s0hp0h hope. But at the same time, it also mean that the annual exam is coming, holy. But then at the same time again, it means first year’s ending and s0hp0h’s going back to the land of laksa, curry, char kuay tiow, u named it., oh yeah, how could s0hp0h forget, the land of jagungs. ^^ Holiday’s going to be FUN! Although s0hp0h pleged:-

  1. Study hard – possibly revise back all the stuff from the starting of the term, also last semester for DCP. Then move down to DHS etc n etc.
  2. Finish all the freaking assignments (minus Journal of Reflection.. LOLLLL) that are all practically due on the first week back. This includes Bio Journals, Bio Lab book(s), Chem presentation, Chem Report, summary of DLP 1.10, DCP Fluoride presentation, Radiography assignment, and dunno what else…
  3. Also to go somewhere – prolly beach, where else can s0hp0h go?
  4. Sleep MORE n MORE – oh wait, that means the 1st pledge will fail. Oh well, sleep is always more important.

And so s0hp0h hopes to accomplish *fingers and toes crossed*. Even before it kick off, s0hp0h oledi start having doubts. *thinking emo*.. Yeah, we shall all see……

What a short entry, yeah, ntg much to write, oh, today’s the last clinic session, well not really cos next term there’s another clinic, but it’s lab moved to clinic, which really shouldn’t be counted as clinic, but then is called clinic. Is s0hp0h confusing you? Anyway, it’s the last clinic of this term and the last clinic that involved scaling, i.e scratching the surface of ur teeth and usually also into ur gums and cause deep red fluid to ooze out. *Cheers* No more flabby and loose gums for s0hp0h!! Also no more experimentation on the Pie who practically had none of the contents left, and those who are willing to donate your O type tomato sauce, pls leave a comment. No Pie rewarded in the process… Btw – Pie, if ur sauce type is not O, no worries, Form Five Bio teach that all sauces can mix with O type (an so it seemed)..

K, datz it, s0hp0h needs to go remind herself to find EP tomolo as EP said. Point to note, point to NOTE! Of course, s0hp0h shall end with the Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…


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    MsLiverpool said,

    can i go to EP’s office wit u plox?

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