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It has officially begun, days where s0hp0h can sleep in till noon, not doing anything constantly, watch countless TV, play countless neopets, blog countless entries, chat continuously except for lunch and dinner breaks.

Wat a nice life!

Anyways, what’s there to blog about? Since s0hp0h haven’t blog bout those long time ago happenings, so here we go to filled up this entry..

Royal Adelaide Show

For those who don’t know, this show is an annual event here in South Australia to cheat not only parent’s and kid’s money, but also s0hp0h like myself’s hard earned cash from papa and mama. It’s such an expensive event, the entrance itself cost 13 dollars, and that’s only stepping inside without given anything, not even the ticket itself as a memorabilia. The ticket collector, as u prolly noe from his name, COLLECT the tickets, thus left ntg.

But nvm, it’s a once of a life time experience, ok not quite cos it’s there every year. Fine, it’s a once of a 2006 experience. So, there were quite a few things there:-

  1. showbags (both cheapo and expensive ones) – Not s0hp0h’s cup of tea though s0hp0h was tempted to get one. There’s just ntg suitable, mostly candies, chocs and toys. Being a stingy s0hp0h, everything just seemed over priced.
  2. rides – ranging from AUD 6 to 30 for just ONE single ride. With the same price s0hp0h can cover both Genting and Sunway liao.
  3. sideshows – all cheat ppl one.
  4. Exhibition – Cars, dogs, cats, rabbits, plants, food, stalls selling stuff commonly found in Msia Hot Market, so-called new technology stuff (prawn peelers) etc n etc.

So, s0hp0h didn’t end up getting any showbag, Viv did get a chochy one, about AUD 12 s0hp0h think, filled with lotsa 100g chocs with diff variety. s0hp0h oni got Chili Lime nuts, tasted pretty good, though weird initially.

We wanted to try ONE ride and Viv who’s quite freaked out by scary rides, gave us the choice to pick and we picked this:-

It rotates and swings from left to right at the same time. The only scary thing about this ride was, it was raininn super heavily and this show, being setup just weeks before like those Msia funfare, seemed quite dangerous. And it swung and swung and god, s0hp0h felt like falling off the seat and that totally freaked s0hp0h out. Luckily s0hp0h left unhurt. It was real FUN, too bad that safety is an issue.

The aftermath of the ride:-

Soaked in the rain, chill to the bones, messy hair effect, puking, crying and hypoventilating (Perky n Viv) and hyperventilating (Sara and s0hp0h). Enough said.

The exhibition was ok, saw lots of cat with the same grey colour, like all the same sia, dunno what’s the point. Then some free food, Cadbury icecream, hot chilli sauce, and some meat cooked apparently in some weirdo sauce that s0hp0h can’t rmbr. Saw a goddog-like-rabbit show as it jumps cutely from one end to the other end.

Then at about 9, there’s firework display, so s0hp0h, Perky and Wendy went to the oval to wait. And saw some real motor stunts, it was exciting. Then the anticipated fireworks finally started and literally blow up in front of our faces for 15 minutes.

Gain: A ‘made in China’ cap with s0hp0h’s name on it, Chilli Lime nuts, a pair of earings (prolly made in China too) and 2 Dagwoods dogs (they taste so nice… HOTDOGS are heavenly things!!)

Lost: AUD 50.

So that’s basically it..

p/s Pics courtesy of Sara.


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