s0hMood > *cocky*

Wao, s0hp0h woke up at 1 today. LOL. Initially planned to go to the beach, but then weather was so so oni, so defer it ba. Then tot of going to Uni to return some book dat s0hp0h borrowed like thousand years ago, haven’t even touch it, why did s0hp0h borrow it in the first place? Sigh, it’s due tomolo, so need to return by tomolo la. If not kena demerit points, and if accumulate to dunno how much, then kena banned from borrowing books for dunno two weeks or sumthing? Having been a librarian once, who cares about demerit points ah? Especially when this one has no effect or watsoeva in ur grades etc. Back then, even charging late fees didn’t work. Maybe because of the pathetic 10 cent daily charge for overdue books. But when s0hp0h in high school diff liao, the admin damn smart lo. They will give you a slip, then s0hp0h has to go to library, canteen and bookroom to get it signed off and they will only sign it if you have repaid all your debts accumulated from s0hp0h noes when. One of my friend had a debt dated years n years back on a text she loaned and don’t even freaking remember. But they expect you to pay it anyhow. And you need to hand in the slip or else, you don’t get to graduate. No references, no certificate. Ntg. Smart hor? Next time maybe can implement in clinics, like er, give them a slip to sign by their doctor, grocery shop and bank.

Was looking for new templates but then look here look there, sien liao. And then think bout the amount of work dat s0hp0h need to filled up the gaps and what if the template screw up? Then s0hp0h’s screwed too lo. Nah, one thing s0hp0h learnt, never take chances, especially when there’s no one else taking it with u, 1st not syok, 2nd being, when u reliiii screwed up, boh lang for u to blame. s0hp0h quote, ‘I love making my failure other people’s fault’ (BroomHilda, 2006).

Sien la. ^^ What do you suggest? Taggies? *hands cover laughing mouth emo* (y sound so UNcute? nvmla, no better description) Dun wan la, s0hp0h oso sien find nice Tags liao. Better go back to the basics, s0hGoals. Neopets, here s0hp0h comes!!~


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