Battle with the… the… wat?

s0hMood > *empty*

Sigh, there’s only a few days left of s0hp0h’s very much cherished term break. Very much cherished? Yes, very much. Because all s0hp0h did was sleep at 12, woke up at 1, eat lunch, get daily dose of Hunter X Hunter anumation (3 hours perhaps?), then dinner, internet, pathetic attempts of starting those big load of assignments, then give up, bang head, and sleep time comes again. It’s like a daily routine, again n again. U can certainly trust s0hp0h on this. -.-” What happened to those goals of revising and doing s0hp0h’s assignment? s0hp0h seriously NEED to do it, but just don’t freaking feel WANTing to do it. Damn. It’s sad la. When uni starts again, s0hp0h’s going to learn it the hard way, yet again. It always, s0hp0h mean ALWAYS happened this way, spending nites patching up all those work, burning midnite oils while adding them frantically (no pun intended), and swear over and over again to s0hself, dun ever DO this to urself next time. DUN EVER. My ass la. Wat a load of shit can? Sigh. Sigh. s0hp0h’s owes work at the eleventh hour, study at the eleventh hour, and when the result’s bad, who else is there to blame but s0hself? -.-‘ And everytime after that struggling despo attempt, s0hp0h can just pray pray pray that it’s all going to be alright and hope that God still loves s0hp0h so he won’t let s0hp0h fail. And s0hp0h suspect his patience is wearing thin since s0hp0h nearly failed the last exam. Hmm. Being ridiculously naive, s0hp0h tot yes, then s0hp0h will be actually motivated to study, but no. NO. Why? Sigh, s0hp0h dunno. Dun even feel guilty of being such a slacker anymore. Being at such a bad state, s0hp0h seriously doubt she’s ever going to graduate. Seriously. How could s0hp0h… But still, s0hp0h MUST graduate if not, god knows what will happen. Those ice-cold stares by s0hp0h’s parents and relatives can kill. And kill. And kill again. Got three lives oso not enough. Sigh, instead of complaining, now that s0hp0h’s feeling slightly motivated, better start finishing some work. Just hope that this so called motivation will last. God, just two hours. Nono, one hour even! *tsk tsk tsk*


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    sara said,

    me 2
    wanna die

    having a pathetic life here

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