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Shit shit SHIT!!!!!!!!! WHo says Uni’s good huh? Who say Uni has the freaking longest break? I dun think so. Bloody hell. Sigh, after a depressing CNY celebration here, last few years ago, I was determined not to spend another freakking CNY here, NEVER. NO NO n NO! And damn, now the freaking course decided to start at 19th Feb. CNY’s on 18 Feb. Great, just great…T-T sob sob, why god do this to me, why whyyyyyyyy? Yerrr, really very cham wan la CNY here, i dun wan. Skip skip skip. But then:

Students are reminded that attendance at all sessions is compulsory. Students who arrive later than the commencement date for their particular year level cannot be accommodated and may miss important information which can delay their start in clinic and have implications for the rest of the year.

-.-‘ How?????? FIngers and toes and wateva shit crossed that it’s just orientation and hell, I’m not going back before CNY. Yes…… haih.. Not only that, each year this stupid course commence earlier and earlier for higher years. What forrrrrrrr? See teeth not sien is it? Thank you very much I very the beh tahan liao. Fark!!! *(^&$*^Q@^#$#*%^&*#%@^)^


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  1. 1

    wwh86 said,

    wahahaha!!! so syok hor… happy leh… i wana laugh at u… huhuhuhuhuhu….

  2. 2

    xin yee said,

    i so feel like slapping the cibaifying bitch or fucktarded mofo who set this fucking retarded date. Discrimination ok?? They freaking know CNY is before that so they put up the reminded to attend if not cannot be accomodated shit to threaten us. Walao. 19th my ass.

  3. 3

    s0hp0h said,

    u wanna die is it wwh?? urs is brit system i think u mah even dun have????

  4. 4

    wwh86 said,

    dun so angry la… u dun have a choice anyway… brit system but msia follow msia public holiday.. huhuhu…

  5. 5

    s0hp0h said,

    -.-””’ curse u.. whahahahahhaaa

  6. 6

    MsLiverpool said,

    so r u skipping the first few days or?

  7. 7

    wwh86 said,

    dun envy me la… u 5 years onli ma….tht’s like sooo ‘short’ rite…

  8. 8

    s0hp0h said,

    nola viv.. crazy meh.. see how first.. if is orientation..i’m not going la.. i prefer CNY so much better..even few days oso nvm,…

    wwh, -.-‘ yala, is reli QUITE short compare to urs. Ten years? hmmm….

  9. 9

    wwh86 said,

    me? 10 years? where did u get tht? 4 years onli eh…. wahahahaha!

  10. 10

    MsLiverpool said,

    then how wud u know if it’s orientation

  11. 11

    MsLiverpool said,

    then how wud u know if it’s orientation

  12. 12

    s0hp0h said,

    what four years..u still need to get mbs..means very long time.. lolx….

    viv: er… hopefully?? cos it’s same week as first year orientation.. rmbr last year.. second years oni check ppl’s teeth and tour students around ni ma..i dun wan go..

  13. 13

    wwh86 said,

    mba. tht one depends la. mine for now is just 4 years. muahahaha

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