The to-be stagnant blog

s0hMood > *annoyed*

Saw a comment from Milo who said s0hp0h’s blog is more active than s0hBox. Lol, s0hp0h never thought of that. Actually s0hp0h haven’t been blogging as frequently as s0hp0h used to be due to the number one source of stress for students like s0hp0h; assignments and exams (oh wait, that’s two reasons eh? *shrugs*). s0hp0h has like three thousand assignments due soon and with the final exams just a month away, s0hp0h is trying so hard not be be s0h. Wanna be smart and hardworking for at least 6 weeks from now to pass thru this student hell. Hmm, after that, wateva u want God, s0hp0h can be as s0h as u want. So, in order to be smartp0h instead of s0hp0h, s0hp0h’s going to ditch this blog for the moment and be back only when s0hp0h’s smartp0h’s s0h because a smartp0h writing a s0hBlog just doesn’t work don’t ya think? ^^


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