Stupid ppl

s0hMood > *beh tahan*

Grrrrrrrrr!!!! Damn hate those stupid people dunno for watever stupid reason, record their own version of a song and put it up as the freaking original singer. Damn annoying and super irritating you know? Especially when you have waited for dunno how many freaking minutes cos the freaking internet is so slow. Finish d/l liao then super anticipated, listen. Heard this weird light ‘bom’ song, not a good sign ~ soungs like microphone beeing turned out like dat. Nvm, see how it goes. Wahlao, voice come out, just practically having this unfamiliar voice, lousy may s0hp0h add, blasting through the speakers. Holy, what can be worst? Invasion invasion!!!!! It’s absolutely unethical to put anyone through such pain u noe or not? Curse u ppl who do that. Yala, u like singing, wanna be a singer, wateva, but pls plS put some sort of indication saying it’s a reVAMP version can or not? Very hard to type in REVAMP is it? Stupid ppl…. freaking beh tahan la!!!~ Not first time, remember last time when s0hp0h tried d/l Jacky Cheung’s ‘Ni Zui Zhen Gui’, you won’t believe how many freaking singer wannabes there are ok? Like 9 out of 10 attempts are cheaplak version with ultimately bizzare tone deaf voices. Till the extent s0hp0h was not even angry anymore, cos it’s just too freaking funny, like you are watching Worse Idol nia. What a pain in the ass, and when s0hp0h finnaly got the original version, oso SIEN liao.. All their fault, all their faultttt!!!!! GrrRrrrr~


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