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What’s becoming of the world now that the thoughy of frying Coke is actually possible? Coke not as in coal coke, s0hp0h mean coke coke, as in Coca Cola that-Viv’s-ADDICTED-to Coke. Fried Coke Nuggets in a cup invented by this guy who also invented fried peanut butter with jelly sandwich (grossnya). And being the curious human being as we are, regardless of what might become of us, with the ‘heck, life is short, must try everything once, right or not’ attitude, Fried Coke is selling like KFC’s Fried Popcorn Chicken. Hmm, s0hp0h oso wanna try!! Want want want!! Tough luck the Americans created it eh, not a surprise considering they created everything? Was s0hp0h wrong? Sorry, bad general knowledge, s0hp0h tot they create everything. From the toothbrush to the toothpaste to the toilet bowls to the McDonalds etc etc etc. Oh, maybe except sushi cos any dumb s0hp0h will know that sushi is made from Korea. Oh was it Japan? Sorry, s0hp0h’s bad, s0hp0h was thinking about the Gim Chi.

Hehe, tomolo dun have Farmer’s class, sooooooo damn syok! If you are thinking about farmer as in farmer farmer, those hard working ones waking up before dawn to work the paddy field farmer, nono, not the same farmer. Far from it. Just that s0hp0h’s lecturer’s surname’s Farmer (apostrophe overdose). Ok, are we allowed to write about lecturers in blog? But s0hp0h’s not like making personal attacks or anything right though s0hp0h wanted to, but very bad hor? No? Anyhow, speaking of lecturers, most of them have funny surnames. (Like dat not count as insulting guaa??? a lot of ppl oso make fun of my surname what last time, so shud be very minor minor case la right?) Eg: Parker, Gardner (lol, some1 s0hp0h knows always pronounce it as gardener), Marino, Watson (you think not funny ah? Actually s0hp0h also think not funny…)

Then, next week’s the freaking last clinic for the year, veryyyyyyyyyyy excited cos you have no freaking idea how much s0hp0h dreads clinic with XXX. Pls God/Buddha/GuanYin/GuanGong (must cover all just in case), pls dun put s0hp0h under her group in coming years, never ever again pls pls pls!!! Cos it reli sucks, till the extent that every session just makes s0hp0h re-think twice about her career choice, btw, why the heck did s0hp0h do this. s0hp0h dun like teeth.

Also, pics from last sem’s last clinic session (s0hp0h missed that tutor loooo, btw is, WAS Eleanor – not the one that shares the same last name as a pen brand, but England striker s0hp0h believe, Micheal Owen, who another someone once pronounce it as Micheal Ovum)

Masked dentist with bibb-ed patient.

Me and Dila.

Dentist with to-be patient

Dentist with the-already patient.

s0hDentist (watch OUTTTT) with nice patient

s0hGroup – Dila, Gwendolyn n Peng.

Deprived of sleep, s0hp0h need recharge now. *place Do Not Disturb! sign*

p/s for the record, this was actually posted on the 11.59th OMGGGG… *syok sendiri-ing*


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    Anonymous said,

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  2. 2

    MsLiverpool said,

    shut the fuck up mr anonymous

    eh, at first read, i thought the Eleanor ur talkng bout is eleanor parker and i was like wtf, oh so you’re talking about eleanor owen =p


  3. 3

    s0hp0h said,

    lolx.. i purposely wan.. hahahaa

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