Happy Birthday: Bee Kee

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Warning: *Very long story*

20 years ago today, one baby girl’s born, who from that moment onwards, is destined to meet s0hp0h, lucky hor her? Ekhem, s0hp0h is who s0hp0h meant. s0hp0h lucky. It was about er, 8 years ago s0hp0h met this destined-friend and back then, we were FAR from good friends. Friends even. Actually, not even Hi-and-Bye-friends. But that was because we were in diff classes and the only class we shared in common is Miss Leong’s Moral class (Puan now, but dunno who the heck she married to). Remember those were the days when s0hp0h’s as always, very very guai student, don’t make much noise, actually s0hp0h’s whole class was like dat, only the destined friend’s class noisy lo, and make us all always kena marah. Okla, unfair to say the whole class la, only partially. But s0hp0h thinks she clearly remembers the destined friend beeing one of them too, always bising bising with Elephant and Rhino cos they are friends since primary school. But they were just talking la mainly, unlike some others who love challenging s0hp0h’s poor moral teacher who most of the time fail to defend herself, until once when she just burst out and went ballistic at us, with s0hp0h thinking, crazy woman, s0hp0h’s innocent ok!!! s0hp0h forgot if she cried, because u noe, back in secondary school, crying teachers were very common, well, in s0hp0h’s class at least, so it’s not a significant event.

Anyway, before kayuh sampan-ing to far, better come back to the story. So this destined friend was in the same class as s0hp0h ever since Form 2 and then somehow dunno how, we just bonded. Together we applied to be librarians, together we went for the preliminary interview, and together we succeeded to get picked as the then for-sure-pass-regardless-of-what probation librarians. All we have to do is wait for a year and wahlaa, we’re real librarians. What’s the difference you asked? Erm, you wear the librarian uniform, a metallic school badge and name tag, instead of the cheapo, sew-it-urself, may s0hp0h add UGLY , cloth ones. Is that the reason why we went to become librarians? No. We just wanted to add more points into our extra-curriculum forms. So we were quite slack in a way, chose Friday as our duty days, always leave class early for lunch. Then time pass and pass and at the end of our Form 4 year, we need to organise this farewell function for the school leavers. And as part of the organising committee, we both set off to look for hotels. Do you have any idea how hard it is? You have to be extremely BOLD and asked the receptionist for the events coordination deparment and before that, need to give extremely long explanation why cos they are skeptical about us in our school uniforms. We went to the top hotels in KL, asking here and there, walking without even realising we reached KL tower. We literally walked all the way there from Bukit Bintang. Is it very close? Dunno, it felt heaps far. When it came to the billing moment, s0hp0h remembered sheepishly pulling out the treasurer’s money box, with notes (big and small, mainly small) and coins to the waiter for the 1000+ bill.

This is getting way longer than s0hp0h expected, still got a lot of things haven’t finish leh. Erm, nvm, on a quick note, as always, the FACTS of this destined-friend:-

  1. The Snoopy-crazed person who taught s0hp0h how to catch a bus.
  2. The supposingly ‘monkey’ of the group, cos she likes jumping sideways, but was coined the Hippo instead.
  3. The childish girl of the group with ice-COLD jokes. So far only the real monkey had broke her record. Might not be the King, but surely deserve to be the Queen of Antartica.
  4. During our Form 4/5 year, she collected our group assignment from the b*tch fat teacher who ironically teaches PE and gave us an assignment on healthy diet, and asked us to re-do the whole thing, saying we didn’t put an effort or something else nasty, to which s0hp0h’s destined friend replied casually, ‘fine, I guess u won’t need this then’, and tore the assignment in front of the teacher’s red swollen face!!!
  5. Got into trouble for being so-called ‘disrespectful’ to that PE teacher who oh-so-predictablly reported to the Librarian Head.
  6. The same girl who failed her first attempt in the BM oral and yes, there’s two more attempts but she cried cried and cried that the BM teacher gave her a pass.
  7. If anyone in TAG is likely to cry, it will definitely be her. May s0hp0h quote her, “You can hit me, kick me, slap me and I won’t cry. But if you scold me, hmm, I’ll cry for you to SEE!!”
  8. The girl who cried during Leo’s Camp because one strict instructor scolded her for something and everyone tried to console her, even the instructor himself ask her to stop but no, she kept crying and since that, the instructor dare not even raise his voice at her anymore.
  9. The girl who once cry, can’t be console no matter what, to the extent that Rhino became so frustrated at one point and said to s0hp0h, “Really feel like slapping her, saying OIIII sehng la, sehnggg laaaaaaa~~~~” ( sehng = wake up / sedar sikit)
  10. The girl who broke up with her bf face-to-face in front of s0hp0h and Rhino while we were all having lunch. -.-“”””””””””””””””””

Aiya, so fast 10 liao summore all are bad ones. Actually she’s a good girl la, just like to cry oni, other than dat, she’s a GREAT friend! Why? Cos even when s0hp0h wrote all this and she sees it, she won’t become angry wan, errr… right?

Lastly, Happy 20th Birthday Bee Kee, hope you will like the present – Just rmbr to tell s0hp0h what it is… Zhu ni shen ti jian kang, kuai kuai le le, xue yue jing bu, bu bu gao shen, jing yue man tang (wtf?) and guo de chao ji xing fu.

Happy Birthday to you,
You were born in the zoo,
You look like a Hippo,

And you smell like one too!!!!!!

*click click for bigger version*

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  1. 1

    bkee said,

    Thanks for the blog ya.. muackss…. But u keep on saying i always cry one, sob sob…. angry jor… but it’s true oso la, hehe….. The present is body glove bag n cake…. Thanks again…. Anyway, hope to see u soon n take care ya…. Miss ya n luv ya, muackss…

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lolx… icic..hope u like the present la.. ^^ yaya..see u SOON~

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