Plan? What plan?

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As the must-pass-exams are approaching, s0hp0h has devised a study timetable, this time around much more realistic, detailed and divided into suitable intervals because s0hp0h of all people, know all too well on making up plans that are bound to fail the moment they were created. And s0hp0h thought this time for sure, it is going to different, but who is s0hp0h kidding? This is only the first day, and s0hp0h has already long ditched the plan. Why plan it in the first place? Wasted s0hp0h’s 10 minutes of sleep only. Utterly pointless, just like day light savings, except that takes up six times more the time, pun not intended.

But then again, s0hp0h choose to remain in denial, yes, s0hp0h’s going to start tomorrow cause today’s Sunday and Sunday’s are just days for people to rest, not doing work. Well, at least that’s how s0hp0h thinks. Actually the fact is, s0hp0h’s partially perfectionism ruled even more cause you see, it will only be perfect is s0hp0h start on Monday, not Sunday, not Tuesday, but Monday. And it will only be CORRECT if s0hp0h started studying on 9 a.m. sharp, not 8.59, not 9.01, but has to be 9.00. Why s0hp0h said partially perfectionism, because as far as s0hp0h’s concern, the ‘start’ has to be perfect, whereas the ‘end’ of studying time can be whenever, depending on s0hp0h’s another self who will try hard to distract s0hp0h, tempting her on getting short breaks which non-surprisingly turn into long extended ones.

Here, give you an inside to s0hp0h’s mind by ‘borrowing’ Viv’s famous imaginary dialogue:-
a) s0hp0h1: The good, sane self.
b) s0hp0h2: The watever self.

s0hp0h1: Wah this is so sien lo, History oso sibeh sien liao last time, now come Histology summore.
s0hp0h2: You also noe leh, since oledi studied for 15 minutes, take a break la, improve efficiency you noe.
s0hp0h1: Yalo, 15 minutes liao horrr, no wonder head feels so heavy.
s0hp0h2: *nod nod nod* So, what should we do? Internet? TV? Tea break?
s0hp0h1: But I just did all that 15 minutes ago…
s0hp0h2: Duh!! You also noe how to say la, 15 minutes ago wutttttt, you study till sot joh is it? *smack s0hp0h1 on the head with the 5 kg histology text*
s0hp0h1: *fainted due to the blow for 2 hours*
Then s0hp0h woke up, wiping off drooling saliva and saliva found on histology text. Wat the? Oh, just dreaming..

Anyhow, have a physiology research report due this Friday, want to finish it today. Yes, notice how it is WANT to and not MUST or NEED. Technically it should be a NEED TO not MUST cause it’s due only Friday, but then it will be good if s0hp0h finish it to start focusing on revising all the stuff, oh, not revising, should be start studying. Better do it noe s0hp0h guess. Tell you the progress of the ‘plan’ next time around..


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,


    very nice ler..from history to histology i like that one!!

    and that u fell asleep studying. lmao..


  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    i din fell a sleep IMAGINARY.. u of all people, should noe better.. LOL

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