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First year OFFICIALLY over..

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That day went to s0hp0h’s friend’s convocation at PWTC. s0hp0h’s first time la. Nothing much la really. Just look at pics la.. (incomplete, will update later)

Fresh Grad, Mr Lim

2 Fresh Grad(s), Mr Lim with Teik Wei..

Group pic (L to R): Gil, Wai Han, Xian Boon, Teik Wei, Bee Kee and s0hp0h

Xian Boon, Gil and Teik Wei

Xian Boon with s0hp0h who wahlaoly, look pregnant? OMG, ugly pic. WHo take one!!! lolx..

Er, some very highly pose-whoring pic..

Btw, it’s not tadika convo just in case you are wondering. This is a good example of, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Actually no, more like a good example of, “ren bu ke mao xiang”, whatever that means.

Then that day, went to this Mamak stall, dunno should call it stall even? Anyhow, this ridiculous looking stall is suggested by Mr Kok. It was all fine though s0hp0h’s a bit skeptical too. It’s not exactly the nicest and cleanest looking mamak if you ask s0hp0h, maybe it was Bee Kee la. She was making a big fuss when the waiter proceeded to wipe the chairs with the table cloth. Gave this oily feeling when you sit gua. Anyhow, it was good until a stupid cockroach decided to land on s0hp0h arm. HOLY SHIT ok. That fuckingggggggg cockroach. s0hp0h went ballistic and flung that fucking ugly little shit, jumping up from the shit and scream s0hp0h’s lungs out. Okla, not that loud, scare paiseh ma. But it was really disgusting la. That just made s0hp0h’s attempt to keep her blog fuck-free down the drain liao. Just that one fucking cockroach. Damn gross. Then after that, another fucking cockroach decided to take a stroll around our seating area and that is just IT la ok. s0hp0h was sooo scared, tears also come out liao. Damn tak guna right? But really scary ma. Now, s0hp0h has grudge against them. Hmmmm~ Don’t let s0hp0h see you on floor now, must learn from Mei Shan, bang bang and bang until they become as flat as roti canai.

s0hp0h finished watching two TVB series liao. HAHA. In just one week. This is really how free s0hp0h is. This Friday going away for a trip. ^^ Hopefully everything’s going smoothly. ^^

s0hp0h’s result is suppose to come out yesterday, stupid Uni la (or maybe it’s the Dental School la, everything also delay wan lo, s0hp0h swear, except commencing dates, sibeh early), still not out. Only until just now s0hp0h check, it’s finally out. The anticipation was initially scary, but the wait made s0hp0h become sibeh sien liao. It’s finally out and s0hp0h passed everything. WAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sorry, excuse s0hp0h. WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s doesn’t just mean PASS you know? (Although s0hp0h get a large dose of Vitamin C’s..) It means s0hp0h can go to second year ma. ^^ Cheers everyone!~


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One day as a construction worker..

s0hMood > *bored*
Pigture not available due to laziness technical difficulties.

The first thing I saw when I came back, was my house being at a state of collapsing. It was partially, no, should be mostly demolished, and I’m surprise it is still standing today. God, there are holes everywhere, bricks falling out and I thought we are suppossingly renovating the house. Luckily we moved to the adjacent house.. But then it shares the same wall with the old house.

And yesterday, there was this HUGE gigantic pile of rubbish: sand mixed with smashed walls, plastic covers for the building material, empty plastic bags once filled with kopi ais.. And because clearing those are NOT the contractor’s job (God knows why..), we are suppose to do it ourselves. HO MAI GOD. I was helping out for half and hour or so, feels like forever. Scooping up those particles with spade to fill the barrow. Moving it to the big rubbish truck, pail by pail after the barrow failed. I was soooo tired and strained that my muscles and back is still aching today. Gosh, now I know why I want to be a dentist..

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Day 1

s0hMood > *Hot*

Finally back in Msia lo. Grrr, food on plane sucks. Big time. MAS even cut out s0hp0h’s favourite ice-cream. Freaking &*^%#%^+@^$#$%^%. Fine! NVM! Malaysia got cheap ice-creams.

s0hp0h’s nervous when she’s going to the airport. Not because s0hp0h’s finally going back. Is because, shit, what if s0hp0h failed her exams and need to take supp? Sigh. *shake head* God, that will never happen right? Please, s0hp0h BEG u lo….

Anyway, first day back, Perky’s prolly back to Kuantan, Viv on her way to Miri, Tien Li already in Kuching and Ying Ying should be stuck in Singapore liao. It’s like freaking hot here eh? Raining like crazy somemore. And raining at all the WRONG time. Wat da heck, at the middle of the afternoon? Ok, maybe it helps to cool down the weather, but then that means s0hp0h cannot go out without getting drench from head to toe like a duck.

Freaking SIEN. But s0hp0h already have stuff to watch. Wahaha, Fei Tin Hei Xi lo. Have to finish it by this Sat. ^^ Another pointless post. Can’t help it cos s0hp0h’s life is not very happening at the moment so, yeah..

Daytime TV sucks big time too. The only thing s0hp0h get out of watching it this morning before s0hp0h turned it off after like 2 minutes, is what’s the difference between in-laws and outlaws?




Outlaws are WANTED.

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Random post..

s0hMood > *sleep*

Tomorrow, s0hp0h will be back in ‘boleh’ land. The space between Thailand and Singapore. The region where the no-longer-tallest-in-the-world jagung towers stand. The place where s0hp0h spent almost her entire life at. The house of the nicest roti canai in s0hworld! But s0hp0h is YET to feel the excitement. OMG. What;s wrong with s0hp0h. s0hp0h swear, she know she’s excited. But she simply doesn’t feel it. Like previously in the exams, s0hp0h knew she’s screwed, but she didn’t feel it. There’s this disconnection between s0hemotion and s0hcognition.

Sigh, there’s seriously nothing interesting to blog about la. s0hp0h is really blogging for the sake of blogging. How pathetic.

Oh, just before s0hp0h forget, s0hp0h heard the first thunder storm for the year a while back. The 11th of November s0hp0h think it was, and s0hp0h’s suppose to study but yet, s0hp0h sitting in front of the computer, forum-ing. Then as if God wanted to hint s0hp0h to study if s0hp0h really want to pass, instead of just relying on God cos he’s sick of s0hp0h’s wishes, a thunder struck and the next thing s0hp0h knows, a 2 second blackout. The first time in s0hp0h’s entire s0hlife here in Australia. You say, blackout only mar, got what so unusual. You see, blackout in Australia hor is as rare as seeing a pig climbing up the tree. Not like bolehland, which is as frequent as s0hp0h eating icecream ok.

And s0hp0h also got her first mosquito bite ever since arriving here. Hurray!! But s0hp0h hate mosquitoes. Blood suckers!!! No pun intended. So please, once is enough. Dear mosquitoes please don’t come and find s0hp0h anymore. Find another victim cos s0hp0h realise, for some particular reason, mosquitoes love to feed on s0hp0h’s blood. In bolehland, s0hp0h can get up to ten bites in just that one area s0hp0h hang around for a mere 5 minutes. Maybe s0hp0h’s blood contained MSG. Must be…

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s0hMood > *hot*

Lolx, s0hp0h really seems to blog more during the exam period to try to avoid studying. But then, after exams, nothing much happened really. So, there’s nothing to blog.

Sigh, damn sien….

By the way, found the Chinese version of youtube. -.-‘ They seriously have everything don’t they? Or maybe they can’t fit squeezing in with the rest of the world, cos they are already almost a third of the world. No? That’s just the numbers off s0hp0h’s s0hmind. So yeah, it should be wrong.

Found this clip from the Chao Ji Nv Shen competition, wahaha, love this song. But s0hp0h haven’t heard of it before though. s0hp0h’s range of english songs, prolly if just Britney Spears and Westlife. Lol…

Liu Li Yang – Wonderful Tonight

If you did watch the clip, yes, she’s indeed a SHE.

Are you feeling bored now? Wanted to close this browser liao lehhhhh? s0hp0h too!!

Oh, tell you a story s0hp0h read. Warning: might contained boring contents. s0hp0h found it funny though..

Once upon a time, there’s a 24 year old girl who requires leg surgery because she fractured her tibia and what’s the other bone? Watever la. So she broke both lower leg bones. After the doctor analysed the X-ray radiograph, he looked very seriously at the girl and asked, “Are you 20 yet?” And the girl sensed the seriousness in his tone, hence, with a very straight face, replied, “Yes!” Then the doctor with a yet MORE serious look, said to her, “DO you know you shouldn’t LIE to the doctor? Look at your leg bones, it’s not even joined yet. How can you be pass 20?” (s0hp0h assumed it’s the epiphyseal plate ba?) But obviously like s0hp0h said, she is already 24 years old… How can the doctor be so sure hor, there must be someeee exceptions wan ma, he thinks everyone’s body aged the same way like said in his 10 kg textbook meh..

Then this same girl, finally was checked in to the hospital in the morning to prepare for the surgery. As you know, patients cannot eat hours before the surgery. So, it was near the surgery period, but this girl is very hungry cause she’s been denied food for 7 hours. Being a person who enjoys indulging in food certainly doesn’t help the situation and she went ballistic. So some some1 offered her a choice of cakes and meat. Hence, she downed the cakes. Wrong choice!!!! Why? Cos there she was, lying on the operating table with the surgeons administering her general anesthetic. Usually it takes a few seconds to a minute or so, but several minutes passed, and she’s still happily awake. -.-‘ The cakes… By the way, if you think the correct choice is the meat, wrong! Like the author said, the correct choice should be RESISTING the temptation! In the end, the surgery needs to be rescheduled..

p/s This is a true story. Happened to who? You dunno wan. s0hp0h knows. Oh wait, actually you do if you have watched the clip..

How can food caused the malfunctioning of GA? Err, ohhhh s0hp0h knows!
Go do your own problem-based-learning la.

And yes, you can close your browser now if you haven’t already done so..

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What’s more?

s0hMood > *tired*

Exams are finish. And yes, by right s0hp0h should be jumping across the round room multiple times because who cares if you say s0hp0h’s crazy cos she’s so happy that she became ignorant. s0hp0h’s heard head feels so heavy and dead. Look at all the typo, thinking about one word, another word comes out. Not only that, those earlier msn chats with Gilbert proved that s0hp0h despo-ly need to see a psychiatrist who deals with the study, Tx, prevention or mental and nervous disorders. s0hp0h was so blur that she took Farenhiet as Energy. But it wasn’t really s0hp0h’s fault. Gil was very ‘9 5 tap 8’ also, making s0hp0h changing from Farenhiet to Energy, then back to Farenhiet. At this very moment even, s0hp0h’s head wanna burst liao laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. But heck, s0hp0h’s going to savour the moment cos this kind of stress, not everyday can get you know.

Exams are over and s0hp0h’s left wondering whether she passed or not. Fingers crossed. Hopefully la. Sigh. Hopefully. Or else.. Actually, s0hp0h can’t even imagine what will happen.

On the lighter note, s0hp0h’s going back Msia in like 5 days or so. Heh heh. The excitement hasn’t really sink in yet, but s0hp0h already made plans to yum cha on wednesday. Lol. And s0hp0h don’t even know if she can actually make it. Actually why wouldn’t s0hp0h know right cos it is afterall, s0hp0h’s time. But the fact that you are in another country makes you feel totally uncertain and you can’t help but feel you can only start making real plans when you actually step into that country. Well, s0hp0h feels so anyway. Btw, one thing s0hp0h love flying back, they serve ice-cream on board. Wahahha!

Sorry, this post is a bit draggy and pointless. s0hp0h knows. Pardon s0hp0h la, head sibeh crammed, yet still trying to cram out some freaking words here ok. Anyways, s0hp0h shall go watch TV, release the tension a bit. Speaking of tension, that reminds s0hp0h of the freaking tension-length curve that s0hp0h don’t have any idea about. Also the what, golgi tendon organ wor, what the heck, haven’t come across that term in s0hp0h’s entire s0hlife. GTO in the reflex arc s0hp0h dunno, GTO in Jap manga s0hp0h know la! Oh yeah, for the record, s0hp0h vomited before the exam started. First time ever.. Man, talk about the effects of stress…What is (s0hp0h’s brain is seriously having problems processing words..) Was it stress? Dunno. Just feel sick. Anywayz, really buzzing off now. Ta.

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End of DCP for 2006!!!

s0hMood > *toothache*

s0hp0h loves to blog after exam. Everyone lovesss to blog after exam. Lol, haven’t check others’ blog yet, but we shall see.

Just finish wasting one hour on something lame and trust s0hp0h, you won’t wanna know. Actually, not wasting la, relaxing. Plus, s0hp0h don’t think it’s lame. Just that most people will think it is.

Another thing is, s0hp0h’s officially off limits to any sort of sesame product. Sesame biscuit, sesame cake, sesame on the Chee Cheong Fun, sesame on those roundish savoury kuih, whatever shit, as long as it has sesame on it, thanks but no thanks. But then hor, Chee Cheong Fun without sesame still can. As long as it has no contamination of sesame, cos s0hp0h has this new found allergy to sesame. Revulsion. Pure revulsion. Will reveal the actual reason when s0hp0h’s free cos it’s a very long and lame story that you won’t be interested in.

On the other hand, s0hp0h’s officially a ChestNut nutter. Er, yea, nut-ter? Anyhow, so, s0hp0h loves chestnut. The insides is related to that above mentioned story. Again, you won’t be interested. Just have to know that s0hp0h love chestnut, hate freaking sesames. Period.

New s0hgoals, watch Goong and ‘Fei Tin Hei Xi’. Saw few episodes in TV, and s0hp0h’s addicted liao. T-T sad right, but nvm, holidays are there to serve purely these purposes.

And )*^%&@)%^%_#_&^, freaking hateeeee wisdom teeth. Why are they called wisdom teeth anyway? Not like it really makes you smarter. If it does, everyone will want to have 32 wisdom teeth, extract all their incisors, canines and pre-molars. But no, the fact that people freaking extract them show that those so-called wisdom teeth are blatantly USELESS. Sibeh useless until the point s0hp0h cannot believe. All it does is trap bacteria and give them a new comfy home, then bacteria grow grow grow, reproduce a lot more bacteria and grow grow grow even more. When the home is not enough to support them, they became greedy, fight for the other houses on the lot, especially the big bungalow two lots ahead. As if that’s not enough, they are despo enough to crowd the whole backyard, front yard, you named it. Whole yards also swelled up like crazy liao. Freaking assholes. (Note: Above story is purely fictional, refering the problem to architects to build a BIGGER house does NOT work)

So, back to the exams. Just finish the second exam today, also the second last one, wo hoooo! Hell, is s0hp0h any happier. Keke. Yes yes, Bio is in three days, but nvm, at least two dreadful ones are over and s0hp0h think she passed ba. As much as s0hp0h wanted to say that she wanted more than just a pass, perhaps a credit, a distinction even better, it’s sad that the fact is, s0hp0h’s sincerely happy with a pass. Who cares if s0hp0h just pass? Nobody. If s0hp0h passed with 80%, wow, super happy. By 70%, very happy. 60%, happy. 50%, OMFG, freaking estatic!!!! Why you ask? Should be happier if pass with higher % right? Technically yes, but you see, how many people can just pass. Like JUST pass you know, lose one mark and you failed. It’s like the ultimate boundary and the fact that s0hp0h JUST cross it, omg, should s0hp0h not be happy about it? You tell s0hp0h. So yeah. God, s0hp0h’s not greedy oh, just wanna pass k!

Nothing to write liao. Let s0hp0h go back to waste her time cos tomolo maybe have to start studying Bio so won’t have time to blog. The next time s0hp0h blog, hohohoho, exams will be officially OVER for goodness sake, God’s sake, Wendy’s sake, Viv‘s sake, Perky‘s sake and of course, s0hp0h’s sake. ^^ (Note: names mentioned according to despo-ness, as you can see, s0hp0h’s most despo. And NOTE, Sue Anne‘s name not in there why? She seems to be quite freaking enjoying the exams, Halloween’s over, but heck, s0hp0h’s freaked out)

Good luck on studying BIO, especially the Synapses and other loads of shit part presented by M.N. s0hprediction: The second most hated name in Viv’s list, Mike.

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