Going Dingdong

s0hMood > *Do not bother*

Another day gone just like dat. Shit. I really shouldn’t be blogging. Yes, exams and one last assignment due. *deng* Forgotten that the Bio lab books are due next Mon. Really SHIT. Omg, imagine this, lab exercises that I’m ‘suppose’ to fill in during each session for the whole entire freaking year, and I have like four days to finish it. Great. It’s more mission impossible than Mission Impossible 1 + 2 + 3 all together. When I finally did it, I’ll name myself the new GOD, and YES, you are all very welcome to come and offer me worships, best of all, your services as my faithful slaves disciple and YES, I’ll answer your prayes with a big NO. I think I’m going crazy, fantasising stuff. Not only that, not very long ago, I laughed uncontrollably over a simple word ‘babi’ till my stomach ache and still, I couldn’t stop. There were literally tears in my eyes and I just kept laughing to myself regardless of others looking at my with those bewildered expressions, mind you it’s in the library too. Damn ‘sia suay’. But if you are feeling a bit down, maybe you should just try the word ‘babi’ and see if it works. Doesn’t on the first time, then you should be more serious, look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud, ‘BABI’. If it STILL doesn’t work, this is bound to work, just repeating say the work BABI BABI BABI and do not stop, until you eventually laugh. I told you I’m going crazy… It’s better that you all just ignore me.


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