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s0hMood > *sleepy*

It’s reli late now, but then s0hp0h still wanna blog cos s0hp0h finished her Physio report. That annoying thing wasted s0hp0h’s time and ultimately, it’s going to come down to just 5% of the year. Although s0hp0h still can write a few hundred words in, once s0hp0h thought of 5%, nah, like s0hp0h care. As long as s0hp0h handed it in, then can liao. Don’t want to waste time looking at more reseach and numbers cos they make s0hp0h dizzy. At the moment s0hp0h’s quite dizzy. Very SLEEPY la. Nvm, s0hp0h’s excited. Estatic. Cos no more assignments liao, wahhaaha, ok except the lab books s0hp0h mentioned last entry. After that no more liao. ^^Y *peace peace peace* Wahahahahahaa.

Tomolo’s a big day. s0hp0h’s first attempt to wake up early and study alone. Wonder if it’s going to work? Previously s0hp0h studied with Viv n Perky, and it’s like an obligation to wake up and make the time. Wanted to skip also cannot. Tomolo there’s no obligation at all. s0hp0h can sleep till death for all she cares. Actually choi choi, *touch wood*. s0hp0h better wake up and study. Kenot fail, rmbr? Reli need to put that point across s0hp0h’s mind again and again cos it owes slips away for no apparent reason. But no worries, s0hp0h’s all prepared for tomolo’s study plan. s0hp0h has her Dorito’s corn chips, Twix choc bar, Kinder Bueno choc bar, Apple flavoured chupa chup, left overs of the laxative xylitol drops, one can of Tuna, cheese biscuits, and the fridge filled with more food. Oh and of course, s0hp0h’s Bio notes. Oh, last but not least, the more-important-than-mom alarm clock. So yeah. Wish s0hp0h luck!


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,

    so wat’s the outcome? DID U WAKE UP OR NOT?!!!!!!! DID U EAT>STudy?!!!!!!! or EAT= study???? or study > Eat???????????????????

    ur chatbox down la noob

  2. 2

    wwh86 said,

    eat so much of those stuff will make u sleepy…

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