A long post

s0hMood > *give s0hp0h!!*

Have a feeling that this is going to be a long post cos there’s like a thousand things running through s0hp0h’s already collapsing brain. What grey matter, white matter, sigh, sien like hell. Why does the human body has to be so freaking complicated? Biology is such a pain. God should have made us all simpler. Unicellular or something.

Tomorrow’s the Bio practical test and s0hp0h’s quite fucked up. s0hp0h’s not being vulgar unnecessarily, it’s a FACT. All s0hp0h can do now is study damn hard pray for God so save s0hp0h. Thank you, you say ntg means you agreed. Counting it on you!

Suppose to be studying hard, but hmm, can’t be bothered. Yesterday s0hp0h even watch 3 DVDs. One of it was a documentary about Yao Ming. When s0hp0h’s cousin picked that DVD, s0hp0h raised her eyebrows, giving the omg-are-u-serious look. Rented it anyway and turned out to be quite interesting. It was about him, oh wait, do you even know who the heck he is? He’s a basketball player from China and got selected for the NBA and it just shows the transition period. One thing that really caught s0hp0h’s interest is the fact that he’s so freaking tall, 7 feet 5 and everytime he passed through a door or walk into a building, he has to duck his head. Wahlao, like dat duck 24/7, he not sien one meh. But then sien oso no use la, what can he do? Smash through the wall with his head meh?

Recently also found some China blogs with like millions of hits. One of it was this woman call Xu Jing Lei, no idea who she is, Perky say is actress + model. Her total visitors up to date is like 59 millions. The power of China. Sibeh geng. Seriously if each of their people spit saliva on you, don’t say drench la, s0hp0h think can drown in saliva pool liao. Ewwwwww.

s0hp0h also realised, been quite vulgar lately. T-T. Not s0hp0h’s fault lo. Any of s0hp0h’s old friends will say s0hp0h’s the most guai one lo. Even ‘diu’ also don’t say one. Now is different story. Perky la. Viv la. Bad girls. Haha. But s0hp0h know, if the buffalo don’t want to drink water, then how also cannot lower its head. From today on must really try to locked them in the dark closet because when s0hp0h said shit in the clinic, tutor also said s0hp0h breached professional conduct, if s0hp0h say fuck, -.- who knows what will happen. So, must STOP from now on. =X

Wahha, found new songs to listen to. s0hp0h’s a happygirl!! Back to wikipedia-ing for answers to fill in s0hp0h’s lab books. Oh, s0hp0h’s going to do an experiment too, will bullshit in some questions and see if the lecturer will realise. Why risk it you say? Cos s0hp0h bet the lecturer as always, is just going to FLIP through them. Let’s see what happen in the end, oh, that is if s0hp0h manage to get the book back, considering the fact that the exam paper from last sem is like NO where to be seen, so yeah, wait and see…

This entry is like so long and boring. If you actually reach this point without reaching for that ‘X’ sign on the top right of your browser, wow, study must be YOUR thing! Can s0hp0h borrow some?


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