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Everyone’s stressing about DHS, of course s0hp0h’s one of them. Trying hard to do all the exam ques, filling answers since once heard from a senior, ‘Just do all the past exam papers, cos they are too lazy to change the ques every year’. Of course everyone has realise this trend of laziness if they’ve done past year papers, yes, they freaking repeat the questions word by word. But why? Why is there still people failing this component? Cos all the information are freaking screwed up, messed up, fucked up, whichever way you wanna say it. Not only there’s like a few different definitions for the same thing, there’s yet another set of DIFFERENT definitions on the other page for that SAME heading, wafak. And now that s0hp0h’s finally into doing those ques with full motivation, the Uni webpage decided to screw up. Great, just GREAT…. What’s next? They are going to elevate the passing mark to 80?

Good luck, s0hp0h. And also everyone else.

p/s Uni is going to over for the year in a matter of one week. Muahahaha. This is what you call stress relief. What’s with the preventive approach? Oledi happen liao prevent wat? -.-“


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  1. 1

    MsLiverpool said,


    so stressed still can blog

    kao tao


    where got double definitions? i din come across

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    wat dun have.. got a lot la.. i dun rmbr though…

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