Episode of Twisties

s0hMood > *toothache*

Was studying for Monday’s DCP exam, while munching away on cheese flavoured Twisties, imagining it’s BBQ curry flavour because the company retardedly decided to only make it available in Msia, another reason for s0hp0h to like her home country again since reading yet-another-racist-episode last night. Idiotic people, what can s0hp0h say, listen to Perky bah, she verbally kicked the guy’s ass till his butt crack cracked. Nicely done. Oh, that is assuming that idiot is a HE, not a SHE.

Anyhow, back to the Twisties, eat eat eat, bite bite bite, ouch – a momentary pain that instant of biting down. Bite bite bite again, eh, dun have liao, gone *clap clap*. So, proceed to stuff MORE Twisties in s0hp0h’s mouth again, munch munch munch, OWWWWWWW. Wtf? Why is it painful? Dunno what’s wrong with that teeth. -.-‘ Cavitated? Dunno. Cannot see any obvious holes, lesions, cavity, dot, shadow area, however you wanna say it, DUN HAVE. Then why? HUH!! Maybe an infection underneath? ‘Bu hui ba’ *shakes head* Try to do a self testing by biting on the Twisties with one teeth at a time, didn’t work. Dunno which tooth is the culprit. When s0hp0h ultimately finds out, you culprit will die DIE, s0hp0h is telling you!

Kla, time for s0hp0h to study, not even half way through yet, shit sia. Can someone pls pls pls borrow s0hp0h their brains? Dentist’s ones prefered. Oh, EP’s one EVEN better. (Note – no brains are harmed during this borrowing process. )


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  1. 1

    viv said,

    Why is EP’s brain better? Or do u just purposely put down her name to gek me?

    fuck u

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    .. no lo.. cos she’s the coordinator.. if got her brain, wahlao, 100% no need study liao.. ^^

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