End of DCP for 2006!!!

s0hMood > *toothache*

s0hp0h loves to blog after exam. Everyone lovesss to blog after exam. Lol, haven’t check others’ blog yet, but we shall see.

Just finish wasting one hour on something lame and trust s0hp0h, you won’t wanna know. Actually, not wasting la, relaxing. Plus, s0hp0h don’t think it’s lame. Just that most people will think it is.

Another thing is, s0hp0h’s officially off limits to any sort of sesame product. Sesame biscuit, sesame cake, sesame on the Chee Cheong Fun, sesame on those roundish savoury kuih, whatever shit, as long as it has sesame on it, thanks but no thanks. But then hor, Chee Cheong Fun without sesame still can. As long as it has no contamination of sesame, cos s0hp0h has this new found allergy to sesame. Revulsion. Pure revulsion. Will reveal the actual reason when s0hp0h’s free cos it’s a very long and lame story that you won’t be interested in.

On the other hand, s0hp0h’s officially a ChestNut nutter. Er, yea, nut-ter? Anyhow, so, s0hp0h loves chestnut. The insides is related to that above mentioned story. Again, you won’t be interested. Just have to know that s0hp0h love chestnut, hate freaking sesames. Period.

New s0hgoals, watch Goong and ‘Fei Tin Hei Xi’. Saw few episodes in TV, and s0hp0h’s addicted liao. T-T sad right, but nvm, holidays are there to serve purely these purposes.

And )*^%&@)%^%_#_&^, freaking hateeeee wisdom teeth. Why are they called wisdom teeth anyway? Not like it really makes you smarter. If it does, everyone will want to have 32 wisdom teeth, extract all their incisors, canines and pre-molars. But no, the fact that people freaking extract them show that those so-called wisdom teeth are blatantly USELESS. Sibeh useless until the point s0hp0h cannot believe. All it does is trap bacteria and give them a new comfy home, then bacteria grow grow grow, reproduce a lot more bacteria and grow grow grow even more. When the home is not enough to support them, they became greedy, fight for the other houses on the lot, especially the big bungalow two lots ahead. As if that’s not enough, they are despo enough to crowd the whole backyard, front yard, you named it. Whole yards also swelled up like crazy liao. Freaking assholes. (Note: Above story is purely fictional, refering the problem to architects to build a BIGGER house does NOT work)

So, back to the exams. Just finish the second exam today, also the second last one, wo hoooo! Hell, is s0hp0h any happier. Keke. Yes yes, Bio is in three days, but nvm, at least two dreadful ones are over and s0hp0h think she passed ba. As much as s0hp0h wanted to say that she wanted more than just a pass, perhaps a credit, a distinction even better, it’s sad that the fact is, s0hp0h’s sincerely happy with a pass. Who cares if s0hp0h just pass? Nobody. If s0hp0h passed with 80%, wow, super happy. By 70%, very happy. 60%, happy. 50%, OMFG, freaking estatic!!!! Why you ask? Should be happier if pass with higher % right? Technically yes, but you see, how many people can just pass. Like JUST pass you know, lose one mark and you failed. It’s like the ultimate boundary and the fact that s0hp0h JUST cross it, omg, should s0hp0h not be happy about it? You tell s0hp0h. So yeah. God, s0hp0h’s not greedy oh, just wanna pass k!

Nothing to write liao. Let s0hp0h go back to waste her time cos tomolo maybe have to start studying Bio so won’t have time to blog. The next time s0hp0h blog, hohohoho, exams will be officially OVER for goodness sake, God’s sake, Wendy’s sake, Viv‘s sake, Perky‘s sake and of course, s0hp0h’s sake. ^^ (Note: names mentioned according to despo-ness, as you can see, s0hp0h’s most despo. And NOTE, Sue Anne‘s name not in there why? She seems to be quite freaking enjoying the exams, Halloween’s over, but heck, s0hp0h’s freaked out)

Good luck on studying BIO, especially the Synapses and other loads of shit part presented by M.N. s0hprediction: The second most hated name in Viv’s list, Mike.


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  1. 1

    viv said,


    hahahhaha, why cant it be david(saint)?

    i m not despo to finish the exam yo. i m enjoying it ok!!

    nice update by the way

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    omg, david saint’ stuff is NTGGGG in comparison to the mike N guy… his stuff is.. freaking crazy ok

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