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Lolx, s0hp0h really seems to blog more during the exam period to try to avoid studying. But then, after exams, nothing much happened really. So, there’s nothing to blog.

Sigh, damn sien….

By the way, found the Chinese version of youtube. -.-‘ They seriously have everything don’t they? Or maybe they can’t fit squeezing in with the rest of the world, cos they are already almost a third of the world. No? That’s just the numbers off s0hp0h’s s0hmind. So yeah, it should be wrong.

Found this clip from the Chao Ji Nv Shen competition, wahaha, love this song. But s0hp0h haven’t heard of it before though. s0hp0h’s range of english songs, prolly if just Britney Spears and Westlife. Lol…

Liu Li Yang – Wonderful Tonight

If you did watch the clip, yes, she’s indeed a SHE.

Are you feeling bored now? Wanted to close this browser liao lehhhhh? s0hp0h too!!

Oh, tell you a story s0hp0h read. Warning: might contained boring contents. s0hp0h found it funny though..

Once upon a time, there’s a 24 year old girl who requires leg surgery because she fractured her tibia and what’s the other bone? Watever la. So she broke both lower leg bones. After the doctor analysed the X-ray radiograph, he looked very seriously at the girl and asked, “Are you 20 yet?” And the girl sensed the seriousness in his tone, hence, with a very straight face, replied, “Yes!” Then the doctor with a yet MORE serious look, said to her, “DO you know you shouldn’t LIE to the doctor? Look at your leg bones, it’s not even joined yet. How can you be pass 20?” (s0hp0h assumed it’s the epiphyseal plate ba?) But obviously like s0hp0h said, she is already 24 years old… How can the doctor be so sure hor, there must be someeee exceptions wan ma, he thinks everyone’s body aged the same way like said in his 10 kg textbook meh..

Then this same girl, finally was checked in to the hospital in the morning to prepare for the surgery. As you know, patients cannot eat hours before the surgery. So, it was near the surgery period, but this girl is very hungry cause she’s been denied food for 7 hours. Being a person who enjoys indulging in food certainly doesn’t help the situation and she went ballistic. So some some1 offered her a choice of cakes and meat. Hence, she downed the cakes. Wrong choice!!!! Why? Cos there she was, lying on the operating table with the surgeons administering her general anesthetic. Usually it takes a few seconds to a minute or so, but several minutes passed, and she’s still happily awake. -.-‘ The cakes… By the way, if you think the correct choice is the meat, wrong! Like the author said, the correct choice should be RESISTING the temptation! In the end, the surgery needs to be rescheduled..

p/s This is a true story. Happened to who? You dunno wan. s0hp0h knows. Oh wait, actually you do if you have watched the clip..

How can food caused the malfunctioning of GA? Err, ohhhh s0hp0h knows!
Go do your own problem-based-learning la.

And yes, you can close your browser now if you haven’t already done so..


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  1. 1

    viv said,


    don even think SHE looks like a guy -_-

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    ya she doesn’t.. but some ppl damn blind wan u noe.. hahaha

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