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Happy Birthday: Mei Shan

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The last birthday of the year, and the most celebrated one, may s0hp0h add..

23rd Dec:-

TAG set out to pull a surprise party for Mei Shan and it was all good, until the stupid waitress ruined it. Like hellooooooo, who the hell takes out the cake without actually physically taking it out of the box, lighting it with candles? She blatantly took the whole box over and expect a reaction. So much of a reaction that s0hp0h believe everyone’s jaws fell and hit the ground hard, ouch. Gah, it’s all her fault, don’t understand simple words, did s0hp0h not say, please take the cake out and LIGHT it. What a perfect plan it was initially, all gone down the drain because of that one act of stupidity.

Part of the crowd..

Part of the pair(s)..

It was still considerably ok with us presenting Mei Shan with this cute little bag and convinced her that it’s going to expand once you immerse it in water. It wasn’t hard to con her and in the end she asked, “How long do I have to immerse it in water?” Should have took a picture of that bag, it seriously DOESN’T look like it’s the kind of material that’s expandable at ALL.

TAGians who attended..

The cake was nice, but a little bit too cheesy. All of us only end up eating less than a quarter of that whole cake collectively.

The birthday gal with her birthday cake..

26th Dec:-

On this fateful day itself, went to Mei Shan’s house at 12.30 am to wish her Happy Birthday. Planned to bring cream along, but can’t find it anywhere. Lucky her… But we still gave her some big sprays of sticky coloured strings.

Brushing off, and the ‘CAN’ in the background that did the work..

Wai Luen with Bee Kee, who are missing from 23rd Celebration..

‘The PINCH of the YEAR’

Gil and Han posing, with the OVERPRICED CAN that goes empty in like 2 seconds..

Happy Birthday, Mei Shan!!!
May this last teenage year bring you a wonderful kicking start to a brand new chapter of your life! Cheerio!!

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Merry X’mas

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Merry X’mas though it’s already quite late over by now… Hope you guys felt *MERRY*
Happy New Year 2007, hope this marks the brand new start of another successful chapter in your lives! Cheers ^^

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1 day at 1U

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Went to 1Utama to hunt for Mei Shan’s birthday present. Our initial thought was, present oni ma, should be easy to find. Why don’t we watch a movie as well. OK deal. SO yeah, our minds are set to watching movie, buying present, and shopping. So we arrive around 1 something and went immediately to GSC to secure tickets. Having a toss between Confession of Pain, Curse of Golden Flower and Haunted Apartment.

In the end, decided to watch Confession of Pain by Andrew Lau starring Tony Leong, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Shu Qi. Students get to watch at a dirt cheap price of RM 6, which exchange to a even CHEAPER AUD 2. Student price in Australia is AUD 11 which exchange to FIVE student tickets in Malaysia. Curse Australia!!!!! The movie was OK. Not as good as expected. Not much of an anticipation. The twist was poorly done and revealed way too early for s0hp0h’s liking. Overall: 3.5 stars (additional star for Takeshi Kaneshiro being way too Leng Zhai, but half a star off for his lousy cantonese accent).

After finished watching, still in the hype of being movie addicts, we decided to watch yet ANOTHER movie. A midnight one. s0hp0h’s very first time. So we picked Haunted Apartment. Again, it wasn’t very good, considerably good plot, good twist, but the horror components were quite limited. SUPER POTONG STEAM. It was just OK. Horror level: 2.5 out of 5 (one for the movie, another one and a half for the two audiences flanking s0hp0h, XB and Wai Han, they are way scarier..). Rating: 3.5 stars.

So in between the 2 movies, we ate (a LOT – woke up with tummyache, not only s0hp0h, Gil too..), walked, shopped, and finally found presents for Mei Shan. We were walking around and we saw this shop selling ‘ba gua’ (yuk gon/dried meat). Haven’t have them for ages, thus s0hp0h wanted to buy one. Yes, just ONE. So s0hp0h asked the shopkeeper, ‘What’s the minimum amount s0hp0h can buy?’ ‘You can buy one if you like’ So then each of us agreed to buying one, hence 4 slices. The shopkeeper proceeded to weigh 3 slices (the other slice is priced slightly higher), and wrapped the ‘ba gua’ in paper. Handed over to us and said, 11 something please. At the very moment, all of us went OMG in our hearts, minds, stomaches, eyes and mouths. Staring at each other blankly, mumbling, HO MAI GODDDDDD. This is a classic example of buying without consulting the price. An EVEN MORE classic example of ‘sik mai mm zi mai ka’ (eat rice without knowing the price). HOLY~ Oh well. The first and the very LAST time.

It was late and all the shops were closed. We were waiting around for the movie to start, thus we hanged around the building. XB played with the public phone, phoning his mobile. Then called the public phone back. It rang. Then we decided to play a prank on others. We waited a few metres near the public phone, seating at the other side of the room, waiting for unsuspecting victims to walk pass. When a group of Malays finally come around, XB called the public phone. It rang. One of the kid in the group looked at the public phone and ignored it. But it continued to ring. Then the kid approached the phone, picking it up. But XB already cut off the line. LOL. This is HOW bored we were…

The movie finished at 2 something, arrived home at 3 something. Wow, we were out for almost 14 hours. The longest s0hp0h’d been out (excluding new year countdown because that one din go home one, so not counted).. It was fun!

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The world today is full of crap ain’t it?

There’s actually two things. But s0hp0h can only think of one. Talk about short term memory. Right the moment before s0hp0h create this post, those two things are still clearly evident in s0hmind. Just at the exact moment s0hp0h created this post, those thoughts evaporated. Damn potong steam. Pun intended.

The most ridiculous thing s0hp0h encountered, Rain is opening a concert in Malaysia. Yala, it’s none of s0hp0h’s business, he like to open then open la right? So what’s so ridiculous you ask. Have you heard of the PRICE? OMFG. Seriously? RM 750 to see someone whom s0hp0h cannot understand? s0hp0h don’t think so. Those of you who even THINK about going, please, are you crazy? Don’t say RM 750, RM 80 (which is the lowest) also won’t be LOW enough to attract s0hp0h’s attention. To be honest, maybe s0hp0h’s being a bit bias since the word ‘rain’ doesn’t really have an impact on s0hp0h besides rain drops. The next Rain s0hp0h know is the Hong Kong singer+actress+model. The Rain s0hp0h’s talking about here (in case you also dunno who the heck he is) is a Korean singer. Heard he’s a good dancer. Good thing s0hp0h’s not into dancers or else, will be sillily indulging all over him, salivating even? *shudders* SO DAMN GROSS.

Only heard about him from friends cos apparently, everyone-is-suppose-to-know-him. Personally don’t have any grudge against him but to hear that his concert tickets is selling at RM 750 is just a tiny bit TOO much, don’t ya think? Like OMG, Jay Chou’s cost a mere RM 350 in comparison. Maybe he does want to make a point that he’s indeed MORE popular than Jay. -.-‘ And there’s rumours that the VIP seats initially cost RM 1000+ but they lowered the price for some reason, low feedback perhaps? Who the hell will pay RM 1000+ just to see someone ripping his shirt? Gosh, wanna see leng zhai rip his shirt is like damn easy la, go find a gigolo cheaper ok? If s0hp0h ever came across someone whose actually watching him with a RM 750 ticket, seriously, s0hp0h will laugh at their face and say, “sah de!”

s0hp0h just had the MOST ridiculous dinner of her entire s0hLife. OMG. How freaking long did s0hp0h waited in between dishes. Fuck. s0hp0h mean it seriously. U’ll understand when u hear this. 15 to 20 minutes in between and the time taken to finish each dish is excluded. God. What effing chefs they have. Maybe shouldn’t blame it on them. It’s the nature of that event. What the heck. They have some weirdo auction going on and that poor emcee, he’s talking to himself most of the time, yet, s0hp0h DON’T feel sorry for him, why? He’s really quite damn ANNOYING. And the performers on that night. All this sounds like a wedding dinner doesn’t it? No it’s not. s0hp0h think it’s the temple’s anniversary and s0hp0h’s family ‘bought’ a table. ‘Best’ of all, the temple is all the way in KEPONG which took approximately 45 minutes one way trip. To and fro, one hour and a half wasted. But the most time wasted was waiting for them to freaking SERVE the food for s0hp0h’s sake. Never have s0hp0h eaten such a LONG and FRUITLESS dinner. Holy SHIT la really. Pun not intended. Why fruitless, cos basically everytime you fill up ur tummy with food, the waiting time alone is enough to digest it and make u hungry all over again for the next dish. Reach at 7.00 pm, left only at 11.45 pm. HO MAI GOD. Almost five hours. Deng. Plus the to and fro journey lehhhhhh. There’s like more than half a day’s worth of time awake…

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From 14th December to 19th December, s0hp0h (in no particular order):-

a) Watched Eragon
A movie about this Dragon Rider. Average movie (3 s0hstars). Recommended only when you have nothing better to do..

b) Watching It Started With A Kiss
A Taiwanese series based on a Jap Manga. Relatively interesting. Recommended when you are very sien and need a laugh or two.

c) Stayover at cousin’s place
Went to Kajang for few days, stranded without internet, hence the inactivity for the past few days.

d) Yum Cha
Lots of times, some for fun, some to meet up, some to ‘sort of’ farewell. The latest started at 11.30 pm, sacrificing s0hp0h’s beautiful sleep.

e) Play Emperor
A game by Seirra, mainly on building a country/empire. Nothing spectacular except played until 4 in the morning.

f) Went Karaoke
Don’t ever go RedBox, people.

g) Took out tools.
Brought s0hp0h’s tools over to practise and made the very first attempt of taking it out of the luggage and LOOKING at it. Yeah. Counted as practising bah..

h) Blogged..
As you can see.. Blog for the sake of blogging.

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s0hp0h’s Hardworking

COmpare to the rest in the blogging ring, s0hp0h’s quite hardworking lo. The rest are all dead.. Malaysia really provides SO many things to do? Until there’s isn’t ANY freaking time to update? Why is s0hp0h so free then? Just that too lazy to update. Cos there’s nothing in s0hp0h’s life, except going to work (which is over as said in previous post) and watching series. In fact the most interesting thing s0hp0h can think of, is watching “Wei Xiao PASTA” (Sonria Pasta) starring Nic Teo (Perky sure YEEEEE) and Cyndi Wang. It turned out to be suprisingly good. Too bad s0hp0h finished it in like two days? Yeah. Not a long series. Now watching Perky’s FAVOURITE “Er Zhuo Ju Zi Wen” (It all start with a kiss). First episode was so so. Pasta is nicer.

And the internet connection has been crazy for past few days after that stupid thunder. Grrrrrrrr.. Thank God it’s FINE now, well, FOR NOW..

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s0hMood > Cham (damn SIEN)

Malaysia’s weather has been crap lately. Thunder storms almost every evening. Damn scary. Effing LOUD and seems very CLOSE. Was walking to the monorail station from work with an umbrella, it being made partially from steel bar certainly DOESN’T help to ease s0hp0h’s chances of getting ‘pek’. Then there it comes, GROOOONG, seriously the loudest one s0hp0h’s heard in her s0hlife. Gosh. s0hp0h was lucky enough to arrive home unhurt, but just to find the effing modem spoilt. *%^#_%+#|!$@_)%&^$# Stupid stupid thunder. WTF!!!!!!!! Cause s0hp0h three days without internet, still counting. Yes, s0hp0h’s effing bored enough to blog this down on notepad first. It’s Saturday, TV sucked, no PC games, effing ‘disconnected’. tell s0hp0h what else she can do. Sigh, KL is also VERY boring. Deng.

Anyway, back to the modem. So it was struck by the stupid lightning, (wonder if it is the same one s0hp0h heard, must be la duh). But how ah? It’s not like the modem is made by steel ma? It’s not like the modem is sitting outside in open air, inviting the strike right? (Who the hell does that) Yala yala, you computer nerd-ies, s0hp0h’s totally helpless with computers, SO WHAT? At least s0hp0h still know how to operate this blog. Is it to do with the connecting line? Like the LINE itself got struck and the high voltage is transferred to the modem so the modem beh tahan and blow up? (No, luckily it didn’t blow up). (SHIT, who is CURSING s0hp0h, sneezing for like FIVE TIMES in the past 30 seconds)

Actually it is already quite lucky considering the fact how close it ACTUALLY did STRUCK. The neighbour opposing house at the back, was actually struck by the lightning ITSELF on the roof top. Pieces of wood and roof are flying here and there. WAHLAO. s0hp0h never knew lightning can strike like that. Always thought it likes to target people or high steel material more. Maybe’s it was the very inviting antenna that caused the strike, from now on, we shall all buy steeless antenna.

s0hp0h finished her TEMP job in just one week. Did a lot of clerical stuff, wahaha, new things to add in s0hp0h’s resume. But what’s the use of all those job s0hp0h did? It’s not like s0hp0h’s future employer is going to go, Oh, so you were a cashier, customer relationship officer, a accounts clerk, a waitress and a telemarketer (bottom two for VERY short time) when s0hp0h’s supposingly going to be a dentist… Even when s0hp0h’s ex-employer and colleagues asked about s0hp0h’s course of study, they eyed s0hp0h puzzlely, probably wondering why s0hp0h’s not doing something more relevant. Eh, you think job as a dental assistant very easy to find is it? Somemore just as a TEMP. Who will want to employ this lame and knowledgeless first year dental student. Lazy la. So yeah, jobless until s0hp0h gets herself a new one… Have a feeling it’s either very SOON, or will never happen. LOL.

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