December Updates

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1st – 3rd Dec

Went to PD, Melaka and Seremban. Did what? Nothing. People go to PD to swim, did s0hp0h do that? NO. s0hp0h merely dip herself in. Reluctant to get s0hp0h’s hair drenched with sea water that contains s0hp0h knows what. Bits of Petroleum, animals and aquatic faeces, human faeces even, and of course, urine. Shit, s0hp0h’s not letting her head touch those SHIT ok.

Melaka. People go to Melaka to see the red red building, whetever it’s called, and who can forget A Farmosa. Also not forgetting a stroll along Jonker Walk plus the famour satay celup plus chicken rice balls, Out of those, s0hp0h only did one. Half of the chicken rice balls (shared with suip0h) and also walk approximately 1 km outside the Red thingy cos really can’t be stuffed, sat down and had cendol instead. So, half plus half, count as one la.

Seremban, of course, Siew Paos come into picture. No, didn’t even SEE one for s0hp0h’s sake. Went to have sucky ikan bakar meal instead. There goes three days of s0hp0h’s trip. SO much of a TRIP. No pun intended.

4th Dec onwards

Started working at a media company. What the heck exactly it is, s0hp0h has no idea. Just know it deals with advertisements. Never have s0hp0h attempted such weird job position. Accounts clerk. Doesn’t help that the recruiting agency didn’t note s0hp0h has like zero acc background. And even said no calculations are involved. Yeah. Don’t ever believe what the agency tell you. Never. They’ll do anything to coax you into the job, pocket the commission, and leave you to die for all they care. Great.

Anyhow, did some calculations, was confusing at first cos s0hp0h ditched Maths way long ago but finally grasp the idea of it. There’s like several different formulas. Why can’t they freaking standardise it? Nvm. What’s the use when s0hp0h already force herself to understand it. Besides that, did some filing, easy work. Other than that, s0hp0h reads magazines, drink Milo, send smses, do nothing. Yeah, seriously, s0hp0h herself cannot believe they are paying her for doing nothing… Luckily this job is temporary only. Finish in 1 week’s time. Good lord..



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  1. 1

    viv said,


    u knw what i lost your number, do u mind to give me your number again?

    wantted to contact u a few days back but then… haiz

    so we’re not going to genting anymore bcoz… perky cannot go.


    your ticket buy liao or not

    when u see this comment please dial my number.. OK??????

    you don’t know my number?

    fuck. hehe…

    012 80577xx

    xx = ur birth year

  2. 2

    wwh86 said,

    y u go those sucky places… c2pid… melaka mus walk wan ma… the last time i went i walked for a whole day around tht area. from jonker street right up to mahkota parade on foot..

  3. 3

    s0hp0h said,

    i noe ur number la viv.. call u later…

    -.-‘/… u gila ka wai hong, DAMN FAR LO. SUmmore dat day we walk from car park to the megamall oso ‘sai’ like hell.. The sun is so HOT.. melaka ntg to do lo. sibeh SIEN.. but they got on e shop with very nice cheese tarts though

  4. 4

    wwh86 said,

    ceh…walk abit oso mau mati… reli nothing to do wan. walk around onli.. go to tht big ship..

  5. 5

    s0hp0h said,

    .. but so hot.. walk a bit oso wanna die d.. walk so far.. can DIE DIE n DIE again

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