Happy Birthday: Mei Shan

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The last birthday of the year, and the most celebrated one, may s0hp0h add..

23rd Dec:-

TAG set out to pull a surprise party for Mei Shan and it was all good, until the stupid waitress ruined it. Like hellooooooo, who the hell takes out the cake without actually physically taking it out of the box, lighting it with candles? She blatantly took the whole box over and expect a reaction. So much of a reaction that s0hp0h believe everyone’s jaws fell and hit the ground hard, ouch. Gah, it’s all her fault, don’t understand simple words, did s0hp0h not say, please take the cake out and LIGHT it. What a perfect plan it was initially, all gone down the drain because of that one act of stupidity.

Part of the crowd..

Part of the pair(s)..

It was still considerably ok with us presenting Mei Shan with this cute little bag and convinced her that it’s going to expand once you immerse it in water. It wasn’t hard to con her and in the end she asked, “How long do I have to immerse it in water?” Should have took a picture of that bag, it seriously DOESN’T look like it’s the kind of material that’s expandable at ALL.

TAGians who attended..

The cake was nice, but a little bit too cheesy. All of us only end up eating less than a quarter of that whole cake collectively.

The birthday gal with her birthday cake..

26th Dec:-

On this fateful day itself, went to Mei Shan’s house at 12.30 am to wish her Happy Birthday. Planned to bring cream along, but can’t find it anywhere. Lucky her… But we still gave her some big sprays of sticky coloured strings.

Brushing off, and the ‘CAN’ in the background that did the work..

Wai Luen with Bee Kee, who are missing from 23rd Celebration..

‘The PINCH of the YEAR’

Gil and Han posing, with the OVERPRICED CAN that goes empty in like 2 seconds..

Happy Birthday, Mei Shan!!!
May this last teenage year bring you a wonderful kicking start to a brand new chapter of your life! Cheerio!!

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