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Happy New Year 2007

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Gosh, I drafted this post more than 2 weeks ago and only now, I finally decide to start it off.. Hopefully I finish at least this ONE post by tonight (17th January 07′)

New Year eve’s celebrations was all planned out with Gil, Han, Shan, CK, Bee Kee and me going to Damansara area. We went there around afternoon and already it was quite jammed.. Ok, REAL jammed till you wonder where all these cars come from.. But it didn’t take us long as our first destination was Cineleisure, and it was real empty there compare to the evident long queue of cars heading towards The Curve. Watched a horror flick, Cadaver. It has done nothing other than merely suggesting me the possibility of cadavers being spooky. *Fingers crossed my cadavers won’t be haunted*… Pretty boring movie with SUPER illogical plot.

Anyway after that movie, we walked around Cineleisure, found lots of stickerphoto booths and we went in one for fun. And instead of putting tokens in, we took it with own camera. HAHA, talk bout being stingy! But then we were really going to take some, we just lost our interest halfway through picking a booth out of so many..

Passport size pictures, 2 ringgit each…I take for U~

Continue from whr I left off (18th Jan 07′), so, where was I???? Haha, oh yeah, so after the movie, CK and Shan needs to go home, so we say bye bye then continue roaming through the crowding up streets.. Walk on ‘the street’ and saw ate Baskin Robbins. CHEAP!!! 31% off on the 31st. It was SO heavenly.. Oh, and before going into to Baskin, I met Jolvina!!! As if, this world is SOOO small.. *COugh cough* My memory is seriously failing me, it has only been two months since I last saw her, I find it soooo ridiculously hard to recall her name dat time.. Luckily there’s no need to greet each other with names..

After eating, we continue to walk walk (Ikea and IKANO) and finally decide to have dinner and ALL places were VERY SUPER crowded.. We had our dinner anyway and then continue to walk aimlessly.. Met Lim and Gary they all, sat for a while before we part ways again.. Then just about an hour before 12, we walk past the crowds to an open area hoping to get a better view of those fireworks..

FInally it was 11.55 pm and we were anticipating for the countdown to begin and alas, we heard a sound.. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww – *BOP* They started the fireworks ALREADY!!! -.-” It’s not even 12 but who cares, everyone’s hyped up.. It lasted for around 15 minutes and it’s reallllyyyyy nice!!!!

After the fireworks, we rushed to the carpark immediately, hoping to get an early exit, Guess what, we were stuck in the car park for around one and a half hour and another half an hour to get ourselves out from Cineleisure to the nearest highway.. It was SOOO boring.. The only entertainment we had three levels beneath ground level was car HONS. Yes, Hons, radio didn’t work. SO we played with Hons instead. How does the game work? U honned ur car and see if anyone respond. SOme really bored person responded, and we started making rhythms with the Hon and they did too.. It was hilarious..

After that, we went to Kajang and that was it….. The end.. (Omgosh, FINALLY..)

pictures will be updated later cos it’s uploading slower than a snail atm..

-edit pics finally (April 07)-

Ck, Shan, Me, Bee Kee, Han and Gil

Han and Gil

Ck and Shan

The Curve

Gil and Han with her super curly princessy hair!!

Lim, Gil and Gary

Random guys.. Nola, Yew Ming and the gang

Lim ‘pek’ and Gil

Gil and Han

Gil pretending to be COOL

Han and Gil’s finger helping her to pretend CUTE

Bee Kee, Me and Han

Bee Kee, Gil and Me

Gil pointing randomly

Between Ikano and CineLeisure.

Han and Gil sitting on the floor

Bee Kee giving the ‘beggars’ money

They paiseh-ly turn away, ignoring the money



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