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Hehehe, s0hp0h’s a happy girl!!!~ Happy happy happy!! Muahaha. Tomolo’s long long classes have been cut down to only one one-houred lecture. Instead of waking up early for labs at 9, get to sleep in till 10.. Waahahahhahahaa. Okla, s0hp0h’s NOT ALL THAT excited la. But then simple things like these do make s0hp0h smile. Keke. It’s very very unusual ma, considering the fact that s0hp0h have 30 hours per week. Which is already a lot lesser compared to last year (it was 38 or something else ridiculous). The classes haven’t really started, yet, s0hp0h’s already been made aware of the level of difficulty waiting ahead. This year has a lot of stuff about restorations. Like the whole process, from cutting the tooth to choosing what material to use and filling the hole up in a way that hopefully doesn’t make the problem worse. The lecturer has already mentioned it’s going to be hard and it’s normal to feel DEMORALISED after the first session or two. Not scared about the demoralising part, more on how long it’s going to take s0hp0h to go from demoralising words to moralising praises. Ekhem. s0hp0h’s sure that won’t take long…… Right? Yeah right…….

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A PIG head start..

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(cute leh MY the pic, refer to ‘s0h Daily Do(s)e: Ccwany’ for MORE)

Uni started this week. No. I should say, my course started this week. Everyone knows Uni is suppose to start next week. This is suppose to be Orientation Week for freshies, not oldies like ME!! What the heck is O’week doing at the beginning of my 2nd year (oh yes! sounds much better than 1st year right!!) besides taking up my precious could-have-been-CNY holiday? Lectures, lectures and lectures. Oh and a TEST at the end of the week. Well, in a dubious attempt to be more studious aka nerdy, I actualy studied a lil bit but ALL I did was browsing the notes given out this week. Nothing more than that. And I won’t be surprise if I actually did bad in this test. Hope it doesn’t count. They already said they’re going to include stuff learnt from 1st year but yeah, I just can’t be bothered. What do they think we students are? Super heroes? It’s totally impossible for anyone to have actually touch a single book, let alone studying consistently during those 3 months long holiday (maybe some exceptional cases) but I would say most of us slack like there’s no tomorrow. So they either expect us to have remember all the shit, okay maybe not shit (as it’s going to be a major part of my miserable life.. T-T) , but last year’s stuff over that long LONG break where I’m lucky to even have use my brain more than 20%? Or they actually expect us to revise the WHOLE Year 1 component within a week’s time? Dentists are SUCH demanding beings…

Other than school, other interesting things included Vivien sleeping on the floor for dunno how many days in an empty house that has nothing but carpet. Pityful. Went to house inspections with Viv, Xyn and Ying to find one ‘haunted’ house that has NO toilet bowl. Now tell me if the first thing that pops to your mind isn’t “Where to shit?” Pityful. Need to pay the doctor a whopping AUD 35 consulting fees when all he DID was printing off this SINGLE sheet of paper and signed on it. Ok and stamped too. But what about the consulting part? Can possibly argue that the fact he said ‘everything’s good’ is GOOD enough but but but.. argh nevermind! Pityful. Oh and my Chinese New Year was very much CELEBRATED with NOTHING despite despo attempts of bringing lots of CNY cookies over here. Now I truly realise that materials aren’t always fulfilling. A bit too late now that I nearly finish those cookies. Hope I don’t gain MORE weight from it. Pityful. Learning that this year is going to be real tough. Pityful. Learning that NEXT year (if i’m lucky enough to continue on) is even worse, especially in terms of holidays. VERY pityful. Sigh~~~~~~~~

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Chinese New Year

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Don’t know if you guys remember me saying I’ll never EVER want to spend another CNY here?? Try to go against the odds, but they failed me and hence, I NEED to spend another CNY here and possibly few more in the coming years. Why does the course has to start so freaking early?? This not only makes me missing out on CNY in M’sia, but also REDUCE my holidays from the well earned three months to freaking 2 months or so. Sigh. Sien la like that. Damn beh tahan wan lo. Anywayz it’s VERY dark now cos the light is off, don’t ask me why, so that’s it.. So Happ Chinese New Year to all, wishing you guys a good and prosperous year ahead!! Gong Xi Fa Chai~

p/s It’s SUPER hot here right now and during CNY week, it’s going to be 40 degrees. Sei lo..

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I’m here, I repeat, I’M HERE

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Ya ya ya, I reached, safely. The flight was OK, rather bearable, food was fine (to a certain extent), service was fine, entertainment was REALLY good when compared to the now SUCKY MAS. But regardless of all that, I think I would rather fly MAS cos then there’s won’t be a need for transit. But then again, I’m rather impressed at the efficiency of this transit thing I’m new to. I guess I’m lucky, didn’t really have to wait for hours, just a few minutes then I’m waiting to board another flight again, pretty good I’d say. This made SIA seems a good choice indeed, but I still rather ditch the idea of transit-ing whenever possible.. It’s just very tiring get on the plane, get off and walk all the way from the front to the back of the airport (Changi doesn’t have indoor TRAIN!!!) and board another plane.. That’s the price I paid to save on 500 (actually 1000) bucks.. Worth it? U be the judge..

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Goodbye.. again

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It only HIT me this morning when I woke up that, shit, I’m actually leaving tomolo. Which means goodbye to my three months long holiday. And that feels damn SAD. Sigh.. Don’t really feel like going back, I haven’t play enough!! I haven’t been in M’sia LONG enough!! Worst of all, I haven’t SHOP enough!!!!!!!!! Sigh.. It’s going to be a very very lonely Chinese New Year.. Damn SUCKY. And I brought a hell lot of CNY food just to get re-assure myself, YES, it IS CNY indeed. Having grown up in a country that celebrates almost every single festival makes it hard to NOT celebrate one all of a sudden, and CNY being the most most significant one too. Can you imagine how ANNOYED I feel!! I know I could have skipped a few classes yada yada yada, but no, I didn’t want to after much consideration. I don’t know why. Maybe I just don’t have the guts to do it. Who cares!!!! I’m AM going back tomolo and whether or not I have the guts isn’t exactly the point now.. I guess I have to learn to get used to it cos I won’t get many chance (if ANY) of celebrating CNY in the coming few years due to the course starting earlier and earlier each year.. Like one said, this holiday IS indeed somehow different from previous ones in many different ways. It feels different and the things I experienced were very different too.. Has it been good or bad? The most accurate term would be it has been a REASONABLE break. This might be my last post before I arrive in Adelaide where I’m sure all of a sudden, you’ll see me blogging crazily again. If you haven’t figured out, frequency of blogging here correlates STRONGLY with how bored I feel. The more I am, the higher the number.. So you get the picture. SIGHHHHHHHH~ Till then, a very sincere GoodBye and to those who has been a piece of my holiday in M’sia, thank you very much cos I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really did.. Sayonara~, till we meet again ^^

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Broken record!

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s0hp0h broke an all time record.. You would think that if you manage to break a record, you should be happy right? But s0hp0h’s rather depressed. Why WHY W-H-Y!!?????

You will understand when you manage to sleep away 15 hours of your day…

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