I’m here, I repeat, I’M HERE

s0hMood > *SONG*

Ya ya ya, I reached, safely. The flight was OK, rather bearable, food was fine (to a certain extent), service was fine, entertainment was REALLY good when compared to the now SUCKY MAS. But regardless of all that, I think I would rather fly MAS cos then there’s won’t be a need for transit. But then again, I’m rather impressed at the efficiency of this transit thing I’m new to. I guess I’m lucky, didn’t really have to wait for hours, just a few minutes then I’m waiting to board another flight again, pretty good I’d say. This made SIA seems a good choice indeed, but I still rather ditch the idea of transit-ing whenever possible.. It’s just very tiring get on the plane, get off and walk all the way from the front to the back of the airport (Changi doesn’t have indoor TRAIN!!!) and board another plane.. That’s the price I paid to save on 500 (actually 1000) bucks.. Worth it? U be the judge..


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