Chinese New Year

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Don’t know if you guys remember me saying I’ll never EVER want to spend another CNY here?? Try to go against the odds, but they failed me and hence, I NEED to spend another CNY here and possibly few more in the coming years. Why does the course has to start so freaking early?? This not only makes me missing out on CNY in M’sia, but also REDUCE my holidays from the well earned three months to freaking 2 months or so. Sigh. Sien la like that. Damn beh tahan wan lo. Anywayz it’s VERY dark now cos the light is off, don’t ask me why, so that’s it.. So Happ Chinese New Year to all, wishing you guys a good and prosperous year ahead!! Gong Xi Fa Chai~

p/s It’s SUPER hot here right now and during CNY week, it’s going to be 40 degrees. Sei lo..


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    piggy said,

    of course dark lar.. everyone else sleep d.. u still blogging.. lol

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