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Happy Birthday CK!!~

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Happy 21st Birthday CK!!! (yes, we actually call him CK, not because of Calvin Klein, is because he reli is CK. His initials la.) Though u might not read this, but each TAG-ian should at least have one post ma, hehe. Heard u are having a big party bash right now and must be fun!! And must ‘sing-mok’ a bit, don’t ‘kena’ caked. Lol. Good luck with that after what u did to XB. Haha. Revenge time liao. Anyhow, best wishes in everything you do and may u be happy and successful in life!~~

6 candid shots, CUTE hor!!

Finally a good take..

I just realise I don’t have pics of u alone, all also in a group or with Shan. So ‘jeong zhau har’ la. Hehe, wishing you a very Happy Birthday again!! Cheeriossss~

p/s to TAG, is he still a porcupine? Or u all want hyena liao? LOL


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U r SO NOT getting DRUNK again..

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So yesterday was Sarah’s party and like I mentioned before, alcohol is provided.

Ying Ying and Xyn

Xyn and Peng

L to R: Viv, Xyn, Wendy, Peng, Ying Ying.

L to R: Viv, Xyn, Wendy, Jovina, Me, Chirstine, Ying and Sara.

L to R (front to back row): Asma, Jovina, Adila, Sophia, Han, Ying, Marya and unintended half pic of Xyn.

L to R: Peng, Ying Ying, Viv, Wendy (if u think I look drunk, I’m NOT, especially after the whole ordeal u’ll soon read)

Pretty Birthday Cake!! But the b’day gal’s missing..

The ‘touched’ and very generous B’day gal Sarah who not only invited all 2nd years, but also turned the basement into a nice lil chic pub with free drinks for everyone!!~

A super random take with Jovina, Emun (pretending to be drunk), Ying (partially tipsy) and Me.

It was all good until some crazy woman decide to DRINK TOO MUCH. Although it’s free, I think there’s absolutely no need to torture your liver that way. To say the very least, I don’t expect anyone to binge on alcohol that way. It’s freaking insane. We were actually planning to go Engineering Pubcrawl after that but this crazy woman totally spoiled our plan cos she’s too freaking drunk to even walk properly. The worst is she kept drinking and drinking subconsciously (maybe consciously, who knows?) and keep splashing beer everywhere. When I say everywhere, that DOES not just include the floor. More like EVERYONE. She splashed over my T-shirt for God’s sake and I think I developed a rash from it. Why did I say so cos you might think maybe I’m not a good drinker bla bla bla, but that effing rash freaking coincides with the splash she MADE la. And it’s so freaking itchy. My neck is evidently red and I can see red spots all over my lower neck. It’s like mosquito bites. T-T.

Such a bad pic of me but I put it up just for the sake of you guys seeing Viv after she fell on the floor, AGAIN.

Viv sitting at the side of the road.

Us pointing at clumsy, drunk Viv.

Anyway, back to that crazy woman, while we were sending her home (me, Wendy and Ying2), we walked all the way form Dental school to the main campus where there’s this free security bus service for students who live withing 2 km from city. Now why did I say ALL THE WAY when its barely a 1 km walk? Cos this crazy woman keep talking nonsense throughout the way and keep stopping to have a sit and continue blabbering weird things. Not only that, she was almost ‘suicidal’ when she RAN towards a metal rail. I was so shocked my heart almost fell out. Like I swear if she tip her body any further, she’s gonna fall over the rails, hit her head and God knows what will happen. So we safely reached the security center, and waiting for the bus proved to be challenging when this woman just kept repeating words over and over again like a patient with Dementia. She almost sound like a little kid with lots and lots of questions and for some reason, she sounded American. She confessed some ‘stuff’ and went on screaming towards two unaware strangers with headscarf, “Asma, Adila!!!!” Then she went on bitching about Malaysia and then Singapore. ROFL.

So finally the bus came and Ying2 didn’t want to sit with her cos it’s embarrassing. LOL. And so I DID and IT WAS EMBARRASSING. I must say this is my first ever security bus ride and so gonna be the last one. She unreservedly tainted my memory of this wonderful service. It was one of the LONGEST ride of my life that even long hours flight seemed insignificant. So there I was, sitting next to this crazy woman who’s still in her blabbering hype and there this guy was, sitting in front of us, laughing at every look he caught of this crazy woman. Then suddenly this woman said she wanted to puke. Well, we sort of ignore her cos we thought she’s joking. Plus we don’t have a plastic bag anyway. But then she said it again and so I ‘sing mok-ly’ moved to the adjacent seat just in case if she really puke. Then Wendy took out all the stuff from her plastic bag and gave it to the woman, just in case la. Who knows withing minutes of giving it to her, she freaking started puking. And puking. And puking. Holy shiatz. The worst part is I actually have to hold the bag for her cos she’s awfully uncoordinated and spilling it on the seats and floor and at one point, she vomited on my right hand. 666666!!!! Need I say more?

If you think this is as funny as those romantic love stories aka my sassy girl or meteor garden, I must tell you that, wait till you’re in that situation one day and you tell me whether it’s funny or not. Then I felt so grossed out I nearly puke myself. My eyes were watery, a BIG sign of puking and I actually felt it on my throat. I refrained myself of looking at that horrible sight. And of course not breathing HELPS too. Ying2 was breathing through her mouth the whole way. Luckily there’s a kind girl who offered us some tissues so that I don’t have to endure having ‘saliva, alcohol, partially digested corn kernels, rice and God knows what else’ on my hand for the rest of the trip. It was so disgusting that even the HK girl in front commented to her friend, “I felt like vomiting myself after smelling it”. The puke was all over the place and I have to wiped it for HER. Damn you man, I haven’t wipe any single shit for others over this 20 years of my life and you ruined it. I was saying to Wendy and Ying2 that SHE’s so gonna pay for this when she wakes up. And the driver in front who wasn’t really friendly as we soon find out, asked if there was a spill behind there. I was so out of words. Spill? This is NO spill ok? It’s freaking PUKE la. After telling him what happened, he demanded a hefty 66 bucks from us as cleaning fees. I feel like kicking myself cos if I know we’re going to pay for it, I’m SO NOT going to clean part of the mess up ok. I’ll just effing leave it there for the cleaner to suffer la. And Xyn asked why didn’t I slap her. Hello~~~ Her face was covered with vomit, so slapping her do nothing but further ‘polluting’ my HAND.

Then we finally reach the end of the street where the driver dropped us off and I have to literally drag the woman to the house cos she’s walking all over the place. Ying2 on the other hand have to hold the bag of puke and she ran frantically towards the house to dispose it. This woman la, haihyo I tell you, she’s seriously so ‘SMASHED’ she even slept on the road side. And you think this kind of thing only happen in movies. Finally got her home and with all that stuff on her hair, shirt and pants, she found her bed and slept. Gross. And her bag pack was covered with puke too. Eww. Luckily my garment was OK or I’m so gonna kill her. So then we cleaned ourselves and went out again to join Xyn in ‘Church’. The end.

p/s Viv, if u r reading this, remember u owe me a BIG one and u owe Wendy 66 bucks. LOL.

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I’m SO bored. Have a DLP to finish. But don’t feel like doing it. Due tomorrow. Screwed huh? Not really. At least for the DLP I won’t be. Not sure about next week’s Embryology test though. Worth about 5% of the year. Not much huh? Can make quite a difference though. And I only have what, about 3 days to study for it cos Tuesday and Wednesday are totally out of question. Study 5 lecture papers. Each lecture was about 2 to 3 hours. Isn’t life great? But I’m not stressing over it. Don’t know why. I barely stress over exams. Weird right? But it’s true. If I ever told you I’m nervous (except for BIO exam last sem), I’m blatantly lying. But when I say I’m screwed, I might be partially right cos I have no idea how I’ll go in the exams myself. As a matter of fact, I actually feel excited going into exam halls. Call me nuts, but it IS a fact. Why? Cos when I stepped out of that hall, I’ve got one less exam to worry about. And that’s one of the greatest feelings in my world. Yeah. Why am I blogging this? Cos I really don’t want to do my DLP. And hence I blog for the sake of blogging. Turns out that this is yet another USELESS post to add to the countless ones already sitting rotting in my archives. But never mind. At least I updated, unlike some people, *insert some random names*. Though you might not exactly call this an update but HEY, I DID..

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Wishing s0hp0h’s a NERD..

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Die la, didn’t even realise s0hp0h has sooo many shit left undone. PBL (finished d!!!!), DHS lab, DLP, Alginate, Clinic and Lab prep reading. Most to be done by next Tuesday. U say DIE or NOT? And s0hp0h only have ONE day, that is tomorrow lo cos Tusday classes starts from 9 am to 8.30 pm. Is s0hp0h screwed or what? Seriously la, HOW NOW BROWN COW??? (Vivien 2007)

Anyhow, went to Pharmacy pub crawl la. Sibeh sien la actually. Maybe cos surrounded by lots of unknown citizens and lung cancer inducing smoke. Pictures pictures, bah, can’t be bothered right now. Next time ba.

This Friday is my coursemate, Sarah’s birthday. She’s having a HUGE b’day bash with free alcohol! But the weird thing is, it’s in Dent Hosp. Like, who the hell would have thought a conservative basement room can be turned into a full-fledged drinking place. For Dent students too. Well, if you have not already notice, Dent students are VERY stressed, hence, they’re VERY keen alcoholics, but that of course, doesn’t include Ying Ying. And Xyn maybe. Maybe only. And s0hp0h!!! But definitely not Vivien. Wendy too perhaps. Let’s see how this one turns out…

p/s Wendy, if u r reading this, u KNOW u SHUD be updating UR BLOG already!!!

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VERY busy people

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And s0hp0h thought she’s the only one..

Typical list and status(es) on MSN

s0hp0h has LOTS of stuff to be dued next week so pls dun ‘ka ka cau cau’ ok! And that means s0hp0h won’t be ‘ka ka cau cau-ing’ you all too, sad hor? Don’t worry, ‘ka ka cau cau’-ing activities will resume after workload is over…. And God only knows when’s that..

p/s Day light savings end Sunday 3 am, so remember to turn your clock back one hour folks! (Applicable to Adelaide only, you all in KL, ‘tak payahlah’..)

pp/s Wendy finally has her own blog!!!!~~~

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What a day

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Yesterday was super dodgy in many many ways. Lots of weirdo stuff happened but the one that tops it all, has got to be the so-called ‘baptism’. Like hell yeah I’m baptised. But as I said, it’s only so-called la. What the heck, don’t even know what’s going on. Plus they themselves said it’s really nothing about conversion, just a bible starting thingy’. God know what that means (no pun intended). It was just freaking random and why the hell la did Vivien not go? Sigh. Man, when they placed the veil over our heads, I was seriously cracking myself laughing sia, especially seeing Xyn with it, pretending like she’s really into like that (or maybe she really is) and then imagining, holy, if only Vivien was there with the veil, that would have been such a CLASSIC moment!!!

It first started out as a normal bible study invitation and seriously, never have I thought it’s gonna turned out this way. I swear this is going to be the first and the LAST. I’m totally freaked out already. We (s0hp0h, Ying2, Xyn and Chian) were first greeted with very friendly people, then out of no where, the talk on bible started (mind you this is only the preliminary talk, not really the real bible talk yet) and I was actually quite fine with that though I have to say I am a bit sceptical la. Can’t blame me what, though I’m not a faithful Buddhist hor, I would love to think that I believe in Guan Yin and Buddha lor. Especially when exams are nearing. Then suddenly, the talk about blessing begins, then this baptism thing and bla bla bla. We were quite reluctant and keep flashing fake and unsure smiles to each other, hoping, JUST HOPING someone would be brave enough to say NO. Obviously that didn’t happen la, and then the ceremony begun and water was poured over our heads three times. Quite a lot I tell you and they said only a bit. -.-“ Like my clothes are wet wet liao lo. But they offered to blow dry la. See, that’s the thing, they’re literally pushing it on us, yet being really nice to us at the same time. How I wished they’re not. Then I wouldn’t have to be so ‘mm hou yi si’/’paiseh’ to decline la. Double sighs.

Then came the bread and wine part which I was quite ok with la cause I done it before liao. And ya, the food was ok also la. But I prefer Han’s a lot more la. Haha. And during that short period, witness two flies drowning. One in Chian’s tea. Another in Chian’s soup. Like when we saw the first one, we were like, this is unusual la. Then when the second one approached the bowl of soup, I was like, ‘Let me push it down to DROWN!!’ Then everyone’s like, that’s SO CRUEL. -.-‘ Since when are flies considered as PROTECTED animal? WTH. But ha, the fly didn’t even need my help, it was stupid enough to slip and fall into the soup. ROFL. Anyways, after lunch, this bible study is going to commence officially, but yeah, we (well, me and chian) slipped out of it, leaving poor Xyn and Ying2 behind. I pity u guys.. I know u all are prolly allergic to this sentence d but, God bless u. HAHAHAHAHA.

P/s I have nothing against Christianity la, just that I was caught at the wrong end, super bad timing and, it turned out quite freaky lo.. It was just a bad experience. Absolutely nothing more than me knowing I am quite into my own religion thank you very much.

pp/s Chian’s version of this event

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Really very weird..

s0hMood > *’zhen hei wan aa’* (Mei Shan’s tagline)

After such a long time without kena-tagging, now kena tag from the most unlikely person to do tag. Worst of all, he didn’t even do the tag and yet wanna tag other people. WTH? He claims he’s not weird but just by doing that hor, U proved u R the weirdest of ALL d lo…

These are the rules: Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!

Actually I’m also very very super NORMAL so the weirdest thing about me that I can think of is probably:-

1. Celery is my absolute all time favourite vege. And it is super YUMMY when u dip it in peanut butter. Ahhhh…, heaven~~

2. I’m a ‘selective perfectionist’ because I can spend hours and hours adjusting one single margin just to get it perfectly aligned and on the other hand, spend a mere 5 minutes to write up a blog entry, too bad not for assignments and essays though = (

3. Though I never seldom cook, I have always hold a strong belief that I’m a brilliant cook!

4. I always leave things till the 11th hour (running out of weird stuff d la..)

5. I can sleep more than 15 hours a day.

6. The weirdest thing of all has got to be me spending time thinking of how to reply the weirdest tag in my blogging history…

Ha, done! Now come to the best part.. My tagging list:-
Chian Ur, Sue Anne, Xian Boon, Viv, Perkypie and Wendy (the latter 3 when u all revive/start ur almost/none existing blogs)

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