LONG week…

s0hMood > *元宵节快乐*

Just barely 2 weeks of Dent, it has already GOT into s0hp0h. Sigh sigh and sigh. s0hp0h has two days where classes run from 9am to 8.30pm, yes, you did NOT read it wrong. Holy. The first day is worth 9 hours of lecture, clinic and lab whilst the second is slightly lesser, 7 hours of lectures and lab with a 4 and a half hour break in between. And the morning after starts at a ridiculous time of 9am again. It’s a VISCIOUS cycle!!!! By the time s0hp0h gets home, it’s almost 10pm already and often just go to bed straight away without doing any work. And yet they expect so so MANY pre-reading from s0hp0h, where is all the extra TIMEEEEE? It’s not like there’s 30 hours a day ya know??!!! *tsk tsk tsk* Okla, s0hp0h know she’s complaining on dent ALL THE TIME, but can’t help it leh. s0hp0h also complain till sibeh sien d. Why can’t they just make it a lil tad simpler for s0hp0h? Yala yala, got two afternoons off (free of classes) but there’s stuff on every single weekday leh. Yala yala, it’s Dent, so have to be more nerdy bla bla BLA. What bout s0hp0h’s precious CNY and holidays? You all must have realised by now that s0hp0h can give in to almost anything BUT her holidays. Siao la. s0hp0h reckon she DAMN deserve it OK!! *ROARs* Fine la fine la, ranting also cannot change anything s0hp0h knows, but but yerrrrrr…. *shrugs* s0hp0h shall be grateful.

s0hp0h uneventful CNY is coming to an end so to everyone, Happy CNY for the very last time and Happy Chap Goh Mei!!~ Remember to look at the pinkish-orangy skies tomorrow for it will be MUCH more interesting than s0hp0h’s blog that’s now filled with nothing but complains. Aren’t you glad s0hp0h’s not your client or customer AND most of all, your dentist. Muahaha..


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