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Yesterday was super dodgy in many many ways. Lots of weirdo stuff happened but the one that tops it all, has got to be the so-called ‘baptism’. Like hell yeah I’m baptised. But as I said, it’s only so-called la. What the heck, don’t even know what’s going on. Plus they themselves said it’s really nothing about conversion, just a bible starting thingy’. God know what that means (no pun intended). It was just freaking random and why the hell la did Vivien not go? Sigh. Man, when they placed the veil over our heads, I was seriously cracking myself laughing sia, especially seeing Xyn with it, pretending like she’s really into like that (or maybe she really is) and then imagining, holy, if only Vivien was there with the veil, that would have been such a CLASSIC moment!!!

It first started out as a normal bible study invitation and seriously, never have I thought it’s gonna turned out this way. I swear this is going to be the first and the LAST. I’m totally freaked out already. We (s0hp0h, Ying2, Xyn and Chian) were first greeted with very friendly people, then out of no where, the talk on bible started (mind you this is only the preliminary talk, not really the real bible talk yet) and I was actually quite fine with that though I have to say I am a bit sceptical la. Can’t blame me what, though I’m not a faithful Buddhist hor, I would love to think that I believe in Guan Yin and Buddha lor. Especially when exams are nearing. Then suddenly, the talk about blessing begins, then this baptism thing and bla bla bla. We were quite reluctant and keep flashing fake and unsure smiles to each other, hoping, JUST HOPING someone would be brave enough to say NO. Obviously that didn’t happen la, and then the ceremony begun and water was poured over our heads three times. Quite a lot I tell you and they said only a bit. -.-“ Like my clothes are wet wet liao lo. But they offered to blow dry la. See, that’s the thing, they’re literally pushing it on us, yet being really nice to us at the same time. How I wished they’re not. Then I wouldn’t have to be so ‘mm hou yi si’/’paiseh’ to decline la. Double sighs.

Then came the bread and wine part which I was quite ok with la cause I done it before liao. And ya, the food was ok also la. But I prefer Han’s a lot more la. Haha. And during that short period, witness two flies drowning. One in Chian’s tea. Another in Chian’s soup. Like when we saw the first one, we were like, this is unusual la. Then when the second one approached the bowl of soup, I was like, ‘Let me push it down to DROWN!!’ Then everyone’s like, that’s SO CRUEL. -.-‘ Since when are flies considered as PROTECTED animal? WTH. But ha, the fly didn’t even need my help, it was stupid enough to slip and fall into the soup. ROFL. Anyways, after lunch, this bible study is going to commence officially, but yeah, we (well, me and chian) slipped out of it, leaving poor Xyn and Ying2 behind. I pity u guys.. I know u all are prolly allergic to this sentence d but, God bless u. HAHAHAHAHA.

P/s I have nothing against Christianity la, just that I was caught at the wrong end, super bad timing and, it turned out quite freaky lo.. It was just a bad experience. Absolutely nothing more than me knowing I am quite into my own religion thank you very much.

pp/s Chian’s version of this event


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    […] way. Anyway, I seem to have a lot of fate with Christianity, despite being a Buddhist. Remember my pseudo-baptism? That was seriously one of my worst run-in man. Like wtf were they thinking? No offence to […]

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