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I’m SO bored. Have a DLP to finish. But don’t feel like doing it. Due tomorrow. Screwed huh? Not really. At least for the DLP I won’t be. Not sure about next week’s Embryology test though. Worth about 5% of the year. Not much huh? Can make quite a difference though. And I only have what, about 3 days to study for it cos Tuesday and Wednesday are totally out of question. Study 5 lecture papers. Each lecture was about 2 to 3 hours. Isn’t life great? But I’m not stressing over it. Don’t know why. I barely stress over exams. Weird right? But it’s true. If I ever told you I’m nervous (except for BIO exam last sem), I’m blatantly lying. But when I say I’m screwed, I might be partially right cos I have no idea how I’ll go in the exams myself. As a matter of fact, I actually feel excited going into exam halls. Call me nuts, but it IS a fact. Why? Cos when I stepped out of that hall, I’ve got one less exam to worry about. And that’s one of the greatest feelings in my world. Yeah. Why am I blogging this? Cos I really don’t want to do my DLP. And hence I blog for the sake of blogging. Turns out that this is yet another USELESS post to add to the countless ones already sitting rotting in my archives. But never mind. At least I updated, unlike some people, *insert some random names*. Though you might not exactly call this an update but HEY, I DID..


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