Happy Birthday CK!!~

s0hMood> *congrats*

Happy 21st Birthday CK!!! (yes, we actually call him CK, not because of Calvin Klein, is because he reli is CK. His initials la.) Though u might not read this, but each TAG-ian should at least have one post ma, hehe. Heard u are having a big party bash right now and must be fun!! And must ‘sing-mok’ a bit, don’t ‘kena’ caked. Lol. Good luck with that after what u did to XB. Haha. Revenge time liao. Anyhow, best wishes in everything you do and may u be happy and successful in life!~~

6 candid shots, CUTE hor!!

Finally a good take..

I just realise I don’t have pics of u alone, all also in a group or with Shan. So ‘jeong zhau har’ la. Hehe, wishing you a very Happy Birthday again!! Cheeriossss~

p/s to TAG, is he still a porcupine? Or u all want hyena liao? LOL


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