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Busy like siao

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I have like a thousand things due at the moment and I’ll be super glad when this week is over. Sigh. Oh yeah, I didn’t finish the GS assignment like I promised, T-T, I know I know, you don’t even have to start, I feel like blogslapping myself right here and now. And yea, the due date was changed to Tuesday so hopefully I’ll finish by then. It doesn’t help the fact that I’m not very far from where I started a couple of weeks ago. That is just SO sad. Making the average words per day to maybe 20? Holy. Can I be any slower? Tomorrow I’ll have to cough up 1600 words. I’m so gonna skip Bio lecture and come home early to be a nerd. Right, better get some sleep so that I won’t be wasting time napping tomorrow afternoon. Oh, on the lighter note, I finished my PBL and most of DHS lab. Just dunno how to to the remaining questions. Anyone wanna offer me their answers? Please??? Hehehe. Fine la, dun wan mah dun wan loooo, I just simply crap lo. Right, didn’t I mention sleep just now? *doze off….*


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OMG, it’s been 1 year

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Sien, I forgot my blog anniversary. Come, blogslap me! I’m sorry, i’m sorry *kneels and begs for forgiveness*

That was random. Please ignore me cos I’m having mixed feelings. One, I just came back from a superb throat straining karaoke session (freaking SHIOK!!) and two, tomorrow’s a public holiday for everyone in Australia but ME. My GS essay la. Yes, still haven’t finish despite having ranting on and on about it for the past few weeks already. I promise I’ll finish it tomorrow. If not, surely by Monday cos it’s due liao.

Everyone’s been doing this ‘How well you know me’ test, and having done quite a few myself, I’m interested to see how ppl will score in my version. Hopefully not too bad. I do have some friends who truly know me right? Right. So I’ll put it on my sidebar. And also the link here. Click on it when you have nothing better to do. Your participation is very much appreciated. Just remember to put the name you wanna appear on the scoreboard as your first name. Last name will be abbreviated to the initial. Username has no relevance whatsoever. And ya, rmbr to create account or sign in if you already have one FIRST before doing the test, or else I think the results won’t be submitted.

A random picture to mark the end of this post…

Xyn digging her nose… Ewwww
Actually she wanted to show me her ‘contact lens look’ and I asked her to do a stupid pose.

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Am I in trouble?

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I was just googling for dental blogs. No, not because I have nothing to do, is because I have too much to. And the first thing I saw was “Marquette Dental Student Suspended Over Blog Posts“. Sounds sibeh intimidating. It’s about a dental student who got punished over comments he made on his blog. Like wth right? Apparently it’s against the code of ethics and professional behaviour. Does that mean I shouldn’t bitch about my course d? And worst, my lecturers? But I never really bitch about my lecturers anyway. Ok, maybe one tutor. Wait, make that two. Just because we are Dental students, ini tak boleh, itu tak boleh. Ish, potong steam betul. Macamlah kita bukan orang, kita tak payah ada life sendiri, oh, kita takleh complain. Hopefully my Uni’s more kind on that matter. Afterall, it’s not just all bad right, I said a lot of good things too!!

So, then I was thinking. What if one day, some tutor has nothing better to do and decided to google for ‘pelajar pergigian di sini’ (not using english because that will only increase the chance of my blog showing up cos they’ll match exactly), that time I mah die die? Lol. Better sing out all the praises now. Oh, you know my Uni is like so good ok. Like super good you know? (actually, is true to a certain extent) But then again, my extensive usage of broken english prolly helps a lot in them not understanding what I say. Wahahaha. Don’t you just love Manglish?

Wait, I was suppose to talk about the google results. And guess who’s blog turn out first?

No 2 lehh..

And mine wasn’t very far down from that… Lolx when I try rewording it, holy, Perky tops it all, and me on No 3 while Viv is no where to be seen (oh, hit no 30+). YY, Wendy, Marya and SueA, wahlao, it’s like their blog didn’t exist..

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50, here I come!~

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I know I shouldn’t be blogging since I still have more than 1900 words to go for my GS essay. But but, sigh. I’ll do anything just to get out of doing assignments and studying la k. 2000 words sounds easy but when you have to read through tonnes and tonnes of reviews and studies to write out a single paragraph (it sounds exaggerated, but it’s close, it’s VERY close..), holy, why I am doing this?!!!!!! Just check my mailbox and found a familiar letter. From my Uni. What possibly could it be? I thought to myself, ‘Must be the IMVS invoice for my blood test la, freaking 80 bucks. So long din send, thought will never come, seeeeee, finally wanna bill me d’. Oh wait, maybe it’s my results or some sort. o.O. Die. Anyway, opened the letter and WOW, a cheque of fifty dollars. I know la it’s not a big sum, but why suddenly give me money? *flash back*. The study looo. The one that made my jaw clicking harder than before. Cham lo cham lo, I think my TMJ is under fire liao.. How now BROWN COW??? T-T But despite all that trauma caused, I’m extremely happy with the extra 50 bucks I gained. Wohooooo~~~ Haha, the loud clicking sound seemed super insignificant compared to 50 bucks. Sigh, I’m such a sucker for money. To those who ever wonder why I wanna be a dentist, the truth is out, for a gazillion times already. ^^ Money, money and MORE money, hohohoohho. Eh, if I actually wanna serve mankind, hell, I would have done medicine instead of dentistry la. So, no charity for me, go find doctors please. Lol.

p/s Just in case if some anti-dentistry ppl happened to drop by for whatever reason, please don’t criticise dentistry hor. Afterall, it’s just MY motivation and it REALLY does not represent the other dental students. And for you dentistry people who thinks I’m a shame to this ‘professional group’, yea whatever la. The fact that I like money is totally unrelated to the chances of me over-servicing my future patients (if I manage to grad) cos I am really, quite ethical wan =P

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s0hMood > *my patience is WEARING out*


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Videos added

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For those interested in one part of Viv’s drunkard video (the other one is too controversial to be made public, lol), please click HERE.

Just updated Xian Boon’s birthday entry, included a video too, for those interested, please click HERE.


I’ve been wasting half of my holidays already. I should get working SOON. Especially the general studies 2000 words essay that’s due on the week back to Uni. I haven’t even started a word. Sei lor…..

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I was tested

s0hMood > *pain*

Yesterday was eventful. A day where I was used as a subject for an ambiguous experiment involving anaesthesia. It’s my first time. Getting intra-oral injections. And being a subject for a research that does actually count (ie will be published later, probably 5 or 10 years later? lol). The injections aren’t worth mentioning because they’re relatively painless plus I get so many injections elsewhere throughout my life that I just don’t fear injections. And this involved 9 shots within 10 minutes. I’m so proud of myself. *beams* LOL. The only thing about anaesthesia is they make you have imaginary swells around that area. You think it’s VERY swollen, yet when you look at the mirror it’s not. It’s the weirdest thing ever. After that, I find it hard to speak. Not because I lost my voice, but it doesn’t actually feels like I’m speaking. My brain doesn’t detect those lip movements and everytime I speak, I have to cover my mouth with my hands partially. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m afraid that I’ll drool. Maybe it’s to hide the swollen lips which aren’t really swollen. Maybe it’s so that I can actually feel it with my fingers that my lips are indeed moving.

One thing worth mentioning is the process of the experiment. The researchers say it’s an easy one. It’s not, trust me it’s not. I have to constantly chew for three minutes and if you think it’s shit easy, well, try chewing on a bone for 3 minutes. Well at least you’ll be able to maybe break the bone in less than 3 mins hence, lack the need of further chewing. But I was chewing on metal bars for a full 3 minutes. Okla, not exactly ON metal bars but they’re coated with impression material. But that doesn’t make it any easier. And that 3 minutes feels like HELL to me. Only half way down the mark, I can feel my muscles aching, I can feel the strain on my jaws. I hope I didn’t cause an overload of my joints, which from my DLP learning issue, I know it can lead to degenerative disease. Oh God please have mercy on me! Afterall, I offered myself for the study. For the benefits of the scientists so they have better understanding on muscle reflex. For the benefits of the whole human population. Although the time I spend in the lab is renumerated, but 50 bucks don’t buy me new pair of joints OK.

And there’s more to the experiment, freaking long winded and it will bored myself to death just writing it out so, don’t bother. Just have to know it’s VERY tiring. But after those LA shots, the pain eased and it was easier repeating the experiment. And I thought the pain actually subsided. Little did I know that my joints actually sore this morning, this afternoon I should say. Particularly when I was eating. T-T. Hopefully it will go away. Luckily as part of the research, I get a complimentary lateral cephalic x-ray to check for any fractures or pathology caused during the experiment. Then I will be able to tell you guys for sure if the 50 bucks was worth risking my jaws for. And guess what, now I have to finish this large corn that my aunt prepared. Die…

p/s Happy 21st Birthday Sue Anne!!!! Now it seems like I have so many friends with April birthdays.. which reminds me of a letter that I haven’t post..

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