Sei sei sei ler..

s0hMood > *discouraged*

I’m so so soooo fucked. DHS test on Wednesday, and I only left tonight to study for it. And I haven’t even started. What about tomorrow u asked. Yeah, like I’m a superwoman or something. It’s mission impossible with 9 hours of class, lab and clinic so I won’t be able to do ANYTHING. Unless if I stay up late. Doubt that will happen cos I’m usually half dead and sleep deprived by the time clinic finishes.. Sei laaa… Can someone PLEASE offer me their answers? PRETTY PLEASE????~ Sigh, see how despo I am la. Luckily it’s MCQ (oh my God, the first ever MCQ test in Uni..) and I get to ‘tembak’. But, but, my past experiences have told me I’m no good ‘tembak-er’. Why la, 25% chance and I fail to ‘tembak’ right most of the time, ok, more like ALL the time. No worries now that my mum has got me a ‘lucky amulet’. Let’s see if it really works, cos if it does, I can mass-buy it and sell it to other despo students, claiming that it’s 100% proven! Bah, I think I shall start studying.. See how I DIE hor…

p/s Despo Housewives is starting soon… how howwww? Should I sacrifice???? N.O.


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