Test is over

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Hehehehe, the DHS test is over and done with and I’m feeling super excited. Holidays holidays. Muaha. And of course knowing I’m not possibly going to fail the test helps a lot. Why am I so confident all of a sudden u asked, when I was totally freaking my ass out the day before, screaming my lungs out for help. LOL. Cos cos, ok, not going to say cos most already knew. Don’t wanna create further controversy (eh, those of u who thought I copied answers/cheat or sumthing, I DIDn’t laaaaaa, I’m not THAT despo la).

So so so, what’s new?

Nothing much. Except Ying’s really hooked on blogging. Like REALLY HOOKED. She spent lots of time trying to make her template great. And it worked well so far. ^^

Other than that, last week of Uni of the term as most already know. Finished the last lab session today. And it was very GOOD hehe, except for the first cavity (hole) where I drilled at the wrong spot. Thus my tutor ask me to extend it lingually (direction towards tongue). But as usual, I over-extended, plus a few slips while using the HIGH speed hand speed (rotates 180 circle per second or something ridiculous like that) and thus end up with this SUPER big hole. Luckily my tutor was nice. LOL. He just said, try to be more ‘conservative’ next time. And I DID. Good good. Bonus marks for showing him that I made an effort to improve although it wasn’t the best slot/cavity preparation in the world. Buahaha. I LOVE good tutors. Well, more like kind ones.

The magical tool… Just in case if u’re wondering why there’s droplets of water, it’s definitely not some pathetic attempt to make it look artistic la k. It helps to cool down the bur (the silver rods – just like how u can change the attachment on electric screw drills)

Anyway, it’s been such a fruitful term. Though I haven’t really done much. But that’s not the point now is it? Actually, we did a hell lot of fillings/restorations (amalgam la, GIC la, resin la – my fave material) on plastic teeth and another hell lot of new risk assessments on each other (ho, cold test on the pulp was SOOO fun when I’m the DENTIST, I was pretty nasty to my patient cos I didn’t capture my tutor’s instructions properly, so horrr, instead of checking just two of the back teeth, I checked a whole lot of front teeth, causing very painful reactions from my good patient. Paisehlaaaa, Yinan). There you go, whole lot of stuff d.

Amalgam, glass ionomer cement (GIC) and composite resin. Try my best to find nice pics d la, I know they still look unimpressive, but trust me, wait till u see them in real life, u’ll like it I’m TELLing U.. haha..

p/s I was Googling for Frasaco teeth in Malaysia and look what I’d got..

pp/s The plastic teeth I mentioned are Frasaco teeth use for NOOBIE practices. If anyone happens to see them selling in M’sia, please tell me hor, thank you very much. I just want the teeth only hor, not the whole model. (Yes la, the teeth can come OFF la.. It’s attached to the model by screws)


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