Boring, but I’m LOVING it.

s0hMood > *Lazy*

A few days into my holidays now, hopefully this one doesn’t use up too quickly. I really NEED a break. Did nothing constructive, and like I told Viv, the MOST constructive thing I did so far was sleeping 12 hours a day. It’s probably not as useful on me cause I don’t ever deprive myself of any sleep, unlike Viv who gives it up without thinking twice just for a silly online game. Hopefully I don’t get bashed by saying it’s silly. LOL. But it IS silly. The game itself is silly (childish sia!!! killing cute cute creatures. -.-‘ DAMN LAME LA). Oh and don’t start pestering me about Neopets being even more lame cause I already KNEW it. And hence I ditched it ages ago. Thank GOD I’m so over that phase!!! And giving up precious sleep for such a game is even sillier!!

And worst of all is those who actually spend REAL money to buy fake gaming cash. I just don’t get it. Here we are in a world filled with poverty and yet, there’s some people who willingly convert their parent’s hard earned cash to some sort of virtual cash to buy meaningless, may I add virtual again, avatar items. If you ask me, I’ll say it’s sibeh stupid. And if you DID that, I’ll say you’re sibeh stupid times 10 to the max plus 1!!

So what am I up to these days.. Nothing. Just finished watching One Litre of Tears and it’s so sOOOOOOooo sad that I think I cried one litre of tears too. Lol. I hate sad series. They just make one feel bad in so many ways. Like how you should appreciate life. How you should not feel ashamed of your family members. How you should not stare at people with disabilities. But nonetheless, it’s worth watching coz the leading actress is very naturally cute. HAHAHA. And it’s inspiring la. So watch it when you feel extremely happy, like the world’s beneath your feet. And get all sad and guilty about yourself being so damn happy when there’s someone out there suffering like this. LOL. Nola, just watch it if you get a chance to. It’s based on a real person with the same disease and you’ll be grateful waking up every morning, knowing you’re still alive.

This Thursday going to meet up with juniors, set up by Viv. And then Friday, I am going to offer myself as a subject for a study. Die la. It involves local anaesthesia injection, and I just HOPE it’s not going to be on the palate (the top part inside your mouth). All this for 50 bucks. Worth it meh? Never mind la, I’ll see how Perky, Ying2, Jovina and Viv go before getting mine. Looking at my local anaesthesia textbook does nothing but makes me feel worse. Stupid pictures!! And now I realise, how the hell are we suppose to have lunch later? Our mouth is going to be numb and we are not allowed to eat a few hours after that right? Bah, we’ll see what happens. Wishing myself LUCK!!!!


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