Noob la

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If you guys had read my earlier post, I said something about meeting up with juniors on Thursday (which is literally TODAY – 12 hours from now), setup by Viv. And guess what, it’s CANCELLED. Of course, that just means I don’t get to go out, no biggie. But the thing is, I didn’t know I wasn’t going to go out cause someone didn’t freaking notify me that it’s cancelled. -.-‘ WTF right? Such irresponsible organiser. I was going to sleep early and wake up early to catch the bus and be punctual for the meeting at 12. If I didn’t message Xyn to tell her not to turn up late, I wouldn’t know it’s cancelled and would have turn up to Hungry Jack’s tomorrow like a retard, waiting for people who ain’t gonna turn up. -.-‘ So busy mehhh? Didn’t even bother to tell me it’s cancelled. Maple has not only got into your time, but also your MIND. Sad la u Viv, SAD la I tell u!!!!!! And if I did actually turn up waiting pointlessly for nobody, I’m so gonna make sure U’LL BE SAD!!!!!


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