s0h, s0h and s0h

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I did my assignment till 2 last night. And I’m pretty sure the amount of effort I put in will definitely not correspond to the score I’ll receive. Like for sure wan LOH! Weh, I’m not saying I put in the least amount of effort and get super high marks. I mean I put in SO MUCH effort (in my opinion anyway), and somehow my essay just won’t happen to impress the lecturer, hence, get sibeh shitty marks. Well, at least I’ll pass. And that’s all that matters right? Well, actually NO. I was aiming for HIGH marks wan la this year. But from the way I’m going at the moment, I think I should be grateful, again with just ‘passes’ instead of aces. Sigh, I’m done with JUST passing. I wanna ace SOOO badly. The last time I get an A is back in high school days. That’s so pathetic laa.

Anyway, after that LONG assignment depriving me of my quality sleep, ahead of me is 9 straight hours (damn I hate Tuesdays). I thought it’s gonna be a super bad day since I didn’t prepare for any single session, not for the test, not for lab, not even for clinic. It’s not that I’m lazy (well, you can say that I am), it’s cos I just don’t have TIME for it.

But the best things always tend to happen at the worst times, doesn’t it? For one, I was not late for class though I caught the later bus in order to sleep in for an extra 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Then the test that I’m suppose to be preparing the day before turns out to be a formative one, wahlao, I have one less chance to fail. You cannot imagine how stressed I was when I saw the paper, and how bloody relieved I became when the lecturer announced he won’t collect the test. Can I get any luckier? As if that’s not good enough, my lab session was great and the only preparation I did was summarising the steps when the lecture is progressing. Wow, notes does work huh? And the last one’s clinic. I didn’t do any pre-reading, I just try my best to go over in my head the steps of applying rubber dams in a REAL patient. Just when I thought I’m gonna crash and burn, miracles happened. I was the last operator/dentist and instead of working in pairs, my group worked in 3s due to one absentee. All of us were practically racing with time as we all wanted to finish clinic early. Disaster struck when a number of things went wrong during 1st and 2nd operator sessions and the time was so not kind to us. Then when it was my turn, I rushed my procedure and bit, but hell, it’s like my most efficient session ever. 2 rubber damns in 30 minutes. I know it sounds so slow la, 30 minutes can go Hungy Jack’s buy burger and come back and go again and back. But when you need to wait foreva to get the stuff you want, it’s pretty darn good liao. I’m so proud of myself, hehehehehehe. The only thing is I actually have to catch up with the last rubber dam application in the next session cos we are suppose to do 3, yet I only did 2 because it’s getting really late. Regardless, I’m now one happy soul…


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