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I feel so freaking dumb today. Went to Chinatown with Viv and Perky for lunch, because I plan to follow them back home as there’s a NABank near their house. I wanted to deposit the cheque that has been sitting around since God knows when and the last time I saw it was when it nearly fell out of my folder. Thank God it didn’t or else, all the pain I went through will be in vain and that’s gonna be the DUMBEST thing ever. Anyway, back to the story. So I took the bus with Viv and Perky to their house and aha, the bank was right behind the bus stop. How convenient! Then, I said to Perky, ‘Eh, do I need to write a deposit slip ah?’. Simultaneously, I lowered the bag from my shoulders, wanting to take the cheque out. Even before I opened my bag, I remember something. I left my folder on the table this morning. On purpose. Cos I won’t be needing it for the classes this morning. I saw it, then after thinking twice, I didn’t want an extra load in my bag, hence I REFUSE to take it. A.n.d.D.A.M.N.m.y.c.h.e.q.u.e.w.a.s.i.n.I.T. Then has to run across the road to the opposite bus stop to take a bus back to the city. So much of a fruitless trip. Waste time plus didn’t manage to get money. Super SUAY la… Tell me I’m dumb, I’m dumb, I’M SO DUMB!!!!!!


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    -.-‘ wtheck u

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