Review 7: Spiderman 3

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Went to watch Spiderman 3 (don’t worry la, NO spoilers ahead) yesterday and we arrived an hour earlier to line up. You hear me right, one freaking hour earlier. The weirdest thing about cinemas here is free seating. Hence, you actually have to line up outside the ‘house’ waiting for the attendants to open it. It was worth it though cos we got ourselves really good seats. Extra bonus points for the movie.

The movie itself is really good. It’s a combination of action, comedy, romance and even a lil horror element. And Peter Parker’s character was developed so brilliantly to the extent you dunno what else can be done to his character. It’s like that’s it, all the sides of him has emerge. Hopefully they’ll do a fourth one, but I really don’t know what else they can add to it since it’s already so good. If they’re going to come up with a crappy sequel, I rather they end it there.

This time around, the movie is longer and I’m not complaining despite me wanting to go to the toilet in the middle of the movie. I just didn’t want to miss any part, hence, just sat through it. Plus it’s too troublesome as I have to walk pass quite a lot of seats, which will inevitably block out the view of a lot of audiences. If only you have seen how many people actually bought the jumbo size popcorn, trust me, you wouldn’t wanna go out and disturb their intense viewing either.

As you have seen it in the trailer, there’s an evil spiderman and that bit is soooo funny. The scriptwriter is just so brilliant. Before watching the first spiderman, I was totally not into it. I mean what’s so special about spiderman right? But I went anyway cos there’s nothing else to do and I’m glad that I DID. It’s one of the best action hero films I’ve seen ^^. From then on, I just knew I have to watch the rest. Also, instead of one villain like previous films, you get a total of THREE in this one. And one of it is the comeback of Green Goblin’s son, also known as Jr Goblin. Some very nice scenes in there when he’s fighting against Spiderman.

Oh, and did I say the graphics are heaps COOL? Like REALLY cool you know. Plus all the characters are acted well. But poor MJ, it seems like in every episode, something has to happened to her and there you get the classic deafening scream. Ok, it’s not that bad. LOL. It’s just funny that her life is threatened in each film but if not, there’s really not much to see I guess. Plus heroes always have to save their LOVE ones right? Anyway, if you haven’t seen this, I’m telling you, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!! If you’re still not convince, let me give you one good reason, the fact that Tobey Maguire isn’t hot and I still like him as Spiderman so much says something bout the movie. It’s THAT good laaa.

(talk so long, of course full stars la!)

p/s Lol, I just notice, I only write reviews for good movies. LOL. Bad ones I often just rant, rant and rant and don’t even bother writing an entry.


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