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It seems like most of my blog doesn’t last for over a year. Everytime when the full one year old arrives, not so long after that, I’m bound to change it for whatever reason. Actually I only changed twice la. Not much not much. So why do I change? I don’t really know if it helps but I just think that it’s necessary at this point of time. Plus my new blog is ungoogleable. Does that mean I can bitch all I want and no one will ever find out? LOL. Nah, I won’t take chances. Things just happen. Don’t want to risk it. Btw, don’t link this address to your blogs cos I’m gonna change it back after sometime (prolly 1 month+ or so) cos I like my old blog address too much. So don’t bother changing it cos memafankan you only for having to do it twice, or maybe MORE lolx.


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