Skipping too much

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I have been skipping lots of classes lately. Die. I don’t even know what are we up to for Bio and General Studies. And to make things worse, I have exams in a month’s time and I have NOT been reading or studying any of my subjects. OMG. I’ve became a pathological skipper (Marya, 2006). I just can’t be bothered waking up early to attend a 9 am lecture cause I’ve been sleeping heaps late trying to finish my work that’s due the next day most of the time. You see, I skip, then I sleep, then I don’t do my work since I skipped hence have more time, so I slack and then have to rush at the 11th hour and get deprived of sleep and I skip again. It’s a vicious cycle I’m telling you.

My upto(s) this week:

  • Mon: as usual, skipped Bio lecture to have early lunch with Viv and found out that the lecture was moved cause the lecturer forgot the VITAL laptop. Had ‘Yuk Gae Jang’ for lunch, yummy! Went home a sleep till 5.
  • Tues: Long long day, but a GOOD day for me nonetheless. But not so good for others. Sighs. Have ok ok lab session and good clinic session. Got my teeth cleaned and scaled for FREE. It’s worth AUD 50+ you know. Ultrasonic somemore, not some lame manual scaling k. Thanks to Yinan, my teeth are so CLEAN that you can see the gaps between my teeth where calculus used to sit. The only thing is now the teeth are a bit sensitive cos it’s freshly scaled and when she’s scaling, I hear a familiar sound. Ah, grinding sound of key against the key-cutting machine. I get to try ultrasonic next week. Yay~
  • Wed: Morning off, catch up with Han and Sophia, had a cup of DAMN NICE hot chocolate, and major bites of kick ass strawberry choc crunchy waffles. Studied a bit for a test then feeling heaps sleepy, waiting for lab at 5. Lab lasted very looooong. Have to do a MOD prep on a 24. Siaoz, haven’t even done much occlusal slot preps on premolars and my tutor go on a suggest me to fill it with AMALGAM. When I heard the word amalgam, I know I’m dead. The end result: freaking shit restoration, but I like my prep a lot sia. Slept at 2 to finish my Thursday tute.
  • Thur: Skipped 2 lectures (I told you, sighs), attended a tute and DLP. Tute was fine, this time I did more preparation, so hopefully I will get better marks for the question being marked. Previously, during my first two tutes, I barely did anything and they ended up getting mark. Hell. Then I decided to type it up nicely, do nice nice, decorate with nice diagrams, and cilaka, it ended up being not assessable. Sibeh tulan. Lucky for me this time around. I also manage to secure a relatively easy learning issue on my DLP case this week. I’m doing strategies to improve OH, can revise somemore leh Y(“,)Y.
  • Fri: Have a one hour tute tomolo, that’s it. ROFL. Again, I’m going to skip a lecture. Then prolly go lunch and later having dinner to celebrate Wendy‘s birthday. Turning 20. So embarrassing ok, I forgot she’s turning 20, actually thought she’s turning 21, then keep teasing her being older than me. Then I finally realised, she’s one year younger than me one! Paiseh paiseh. Sorry Wendy. I always knew she’s younger, just that everyone’s of diff age, so got mixed up.
  • Sat: Plan to finish Radiography assignment which is due on Wed. Also want to start studying for a 10% test on Wed. And also want to start and finish doing my DLP. I’m being quite ambitious hor?
  • Sun: Finish all my work and study and prepare for lab and clinic and study even more. Oh shit, how can I forgot my PBL case which is due on Monday!! It’s not collected this time, bwahhaha. Means can cincai do liao =P. Want to watch the Korean movie that Xyn gave me a decade ago (reli reli long time already), ‘200 Pounds of Beauty’. Then slack and sleep.

You think I’ll be able to follow my plan? No? What you mean NO? Don’t give me that face ok. I broke my promises lots of time? Lemme give you the SUPER ‘where gottttt?’ face. That was only JUST once nia ok. What? Three times? Give you the ULTIMATE ‘where GOTTTT?’ face now. Kla, try my best. I think I’ll prolly end up blogslapping myself yet again in the end. ROFL.


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