Officially Neopet-free

s0hMood > *sleepy*

I have officially gave up on my dear Neopet. Sob sob. Remember s0hp0h? Not me la, the PET I mean. The orangy coloured Shoyru. I already stop playing Neopets ages ago but as long as you keep your account, your pet will NEVER die even though they have been starved for 368 days. They’ll just be close to dying, well, really dying, but never really dies. Hence came up the question as to why you feed them in the first place? Some stingy people. Sighs, they rather sell the free omelettes for 1 Np than to feed it to their poor pets. What a pity.

Anyway, I gave up officially because I gave up my account. Gave it to other people who are still playing it. Ain’t I generous? Lol. There’s really not much in there. Only 500000 Nps and other rare items and a huge bunch of junk items. I used to think 500000 Nps is a lot. Until I heard from someone who earned double that amount in just a day. No idea how they did it. Ki siao. I wasted dunnow how many years to get that and they only need to spend merely a day? *(^#*%^|=-@+%@!~(&~;?,{;*!@_(%=-\*(^

I just FEEL so dumb.

So, bye bye forever, my virtual pet. I will never be seeing you and I sincerely hope you won’t be tortured by your new owner. And I hope you won’t find me in my dreams because I treated you quite well what, right? I even play and feed you gao gao just before giving u up. So, u better be nice hor. (Wth, of course I know my pet won’t really come and find me la, you think what, I’m a lunatic or something? You seemed more like it ba..)

s0hWay of bidding farewell


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