Week 11, Sem 1b 2007

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I’m so behind with birthday posts. Gilbert’s. Ying Ying’s. Wendy’s. Sigh. Luckily no one’s having birthday anytime soon. This week is sort of like the terminating week of the semester. As from today, I will be relatively free of important classes for the rest of this sem. No more assessed labs and clinics. No more assessed PBLs. The last DLP to be handed in. No more tests. Radiograph assignment gao dim. Cheapo but slightly tedious GS assignment to be done – can do in groups, hallelujah~ I’m such a happy soul despite failing miserably at my cavity preparation during today’s session. As of 3 hours ago. Cavity prep = drilling hole into the tooth, smooth it out to various shape that you want (can have love shape perhaps) so that all the caries (rotten part) can be removed and so, your tooth will be free from ugly disgusting bacteria. Then this ‘hole’ (which we call cavity) can be restored to look brand new with either amalgam (silver colour one) or RMGIC (for small holes only) or composite resin (the one that can be match to the same colour as your tooth – very NICE I tell you, find me hor if u ever need one of those – remember!! – in like 3 and a half years’ time).

Stolen from Perky: Peng and Jovina in lab (To Perky – our poses are just a sudden thought OK, u think what, we PRO cam-whorer ka? Dun lemme catch u with ugly pose – defame u gao gao)

So back to my cavity prep tonight. It’s disastrous. Cannot actually see properly what I’m doing cos the patient’s head is hard to manipulate to a suitable position. So I just basically drill without seeing. Oops. I did NOT just say that. So as expected, it turned out rather ugly. Too deep. Too wide. Just plain bad. I told Wendy that if I was the patient and having a dentist doing that sort of crappy job to me, I’ll curse the dentist die die. Unless the tooth itself is oledi so freaking rotten – spread till big big. So don’t blame your dentists please cos this does happen – ur OWN fault for not caring for your teeth. Too bad the tooth is not with me, or else can show u all how BAD it is.

Stolen from Perky: Perky posing with MY patient and MY Frasaco (plastic teeth model) and MY handpiece. Okla, as in provided by Dent school to ME la.

Oh, clinic yesterday, I used ultrasonic scaler on Yinan. Very shiok. Except for some reason the water is getting very warm, and becomes a bit uncomfortable, so I stopped. It is muuuch easier to use compare to lousy hand scalers. Everything ‘manual’ just SUCKS I think. See, manual car sucks, reading manuals suck, manual scaling – OMG.

So next week, I will get feedback from all of my tutors regarding my semester’s grades. I think I pass ba. But just in case, everyone please pray for me to ur Gods. Thank you hor. I pass d then I love u all the most. Wahhaa~~ On the other note, exams are coming. Hopefully NERD *full mode* is turned on during swotvac weeks.

That’s it, hope everyone has a blissful half-week ahead.

p/s ‘POTC: At World’s End’ is gonna be out tomolo. I WANT TO WATCH!


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