Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

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Yay, I watched it! Erm, as much as I enjoy it, I didn’t really get the story, which is a bit disappointing lo. But after re-playing it in my head, I sort of understand it liao.

In this third piece: Elizabeth, Will and the crew went on a voyage to look for Jack and the Black Pearl. The casts are very nice to watch as usual: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. The addition of Chow Yun Fatt was kind of interesting I thought, though I didn’t really understand what he is saying. Why does Aussie cinema don’t provide subtitles la? Sigh, it’s so hard to catch what those people are saying, especially when it’s kind of all jumbled up. Very confusing indeed. Luckily I like the deep English accent very much. Just hearing those words coming out (especially Keira Knightley’s) satisfies me, without having to know what they mean. ROFL. Both ‘tentacly’ Davy Jones and Captain Barbosa are included in this instalment. The thing that amazes me the most is how complete the rest of the casts are. You still get to see some of the characters from the first and second movie. Actually most of them. The significant ones of course – like the 2 guards who appeared in the first part of the first movie.

This movie sort of have a lot of things going on (or it’s either me not understanding what’s going on) but nonetheless, it’s packed with action, adventure, romance and my fave bit, COMEDY. There’s a brand new addition into Jack’s character. So freaking cute. HAHAHA, wait till you see it la. Elizabeth is more ‘geng’ in this one: she can fight and is very much a pirate herself. Will Turner on the other hand is looking heaps good, wahah (Viv said he doesn’t look hot -.-‘, she likes him better in LOTR – that one he looks so gayish la..). Will Turner is fighting his own battle to save his father, Bootstrap Bill. A lot of twists are involved which I thought blended well with the story. The scenes are also really pretty, in a mystique kind of way. Smoky ones, icy ones, white ones. Amazing.

One of the setting is meant to be in Singapore and there you get a lil dose of Canto words. I can’t help but wonder why Cantonese? Shouldn’t it be Malay? Or Mandarin the very least? I dunno. The thing is it shouldn’t be called Singapore anyway. Should be Temasek or Singapura right? But it doesn’t matter anyway cos none of the scenes resembled S’pore. In S’pore, Chow Yun Fatt plays the head pirate, ‘supposingly Chinese’ and likes lots of STEAM. Like I said, don’t really understand him, but the one thing I notice from this film, man, he’s so good in doing face-twitches. Like full on you know? Twitch, twitch, twitch when he shows his ‘sibeh boh song’ face.

Another character I enjoy watching is Davy Jones. Some people might find him disgusting. Some people might even want to EAT him. But I like the way his tentacles move sia. It’s like wriggling all the time. I know I shouldn’t say this, but it’s damn CUTE leh 😛 Now you can say ewwwwwwwww. The tentacles look so real can? Like a freaking alive sotong. Well, it’s meant to be alive. Despite his ugly outlook, his personality is also quite cute actually. Aiya, go see it for urself. Also, Captain Barbosa with Captain Sparrow and Captain-wannabe Turner sailing on the same ship = FUNNY.

The ships are also very nice, I wonder if they are real. And the vortex and sea-falls looks so real, with the fight going on head to head. How they do it ah? No wonder movies earned so much. I paid 10 bucks to watch this almost 3 hours film, so AUD 3.30 per hour. I’ll say it’s quite cheap and very worth it. Especially when compared to the previous ones I watched (not talking bout Spiderman, hell no, that was MORE than worth it, hehe) like erm, sigh, cannot recall those shit movies.

The costumes aren’t as pretty as the first one cos Elizabeth is not wearing those elaborated gowns lo. In fact she looks so brown in this movie. The same goes for the other people, with black-ass fingernails, yellowish clouded eyes, unshaven moustache and beard here and there, sigh, just because it is a piratey movie, everyone need to sort of look dirty. Except for the high ranked official and English soldiers of course. And remember Commodore Norrington? He looks just like his former glorious self in the first one (oh, don’t even start on how shabby he looks in the second one – it’s criminal), with his fake white hair set into curly rolls. Last time when I was doing ‘History’ and saw Napoleon with that hair style, I was like man, what the hell are they freaking thinking? And in those TVB lawyer series, it just looks shit OK? But in this one, the ex-commodore looks quite nice. In fact I’m so used to seeing him in white, I think if I saw his real hair, I will freak out and shake my head disapprovingly (like in the 2nd one).

Anyhow, this review sounds shit I know. Lol, please don’t let this make you don’t wanna watch it. Please do hor, so that they will make enough money to want to do the 4th one. Haha. Yes, the ending again is sort of suggesting for another instalment. No the best ending I’ll tell you that. But it is quite interesting and, weirdly, I like it. Maybe because it’s different. Very different. Fingers crossed they’ll do the next one.

In summary: Good value for either your hard earned or easily asked-from-dad cash.


(lol I just realise I gave most of the movies a 5, even Superman Returns, what was I think? That was prolly just a 4. This one should really be 4 and 1/2 but I’m too lazy to edit, so 5 it is)


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