Just a thought

s0hMood > *hate*

I just realise what a BITCH I can be at times. Like seriously. Lol.

I just have such low tolerance for people who are so full of themselves. People who are selfish. Back stabbers. Two-faced cows. People who are annoying. People who I think are annoying. Action Barbies. Selfish. Disrespectful. Racists. And arrogant ones. Proud ones with confidence at the level of Mt Everest. People who think they’re the best and everyone else is shit. Those who value their own opinion above others (now look who’s talking). Down-lookers (always looking down on people, ya know?). Manipulative skanks. Pretentious shits. Problem makers. And bastards who just like to freaking ARGUE. People who can’t take insults when they do it all the time to others. Short tempered ones. Darn I even hate smart people (Mind you smart is different from clever). People who complain all the time and do no crap about it. Bullcrappers. Promise breakers (I’m pretty good at that). People who hate me. People who I think hate me. Kiasu freaks. Copy cats. People who just don’t listen. And last but not least, I just hate bitches…


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