M’sian(s) are just SO diff..

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So why are Malaysians different from the others? More specifically, the locals in Oz. Btw, this is not intend to be a racist post. Just to point out of those fun cultural gap thing. Besides the stripper incident, this is another worth noting point. I thought so anyway.

So this started with Z telling me how X threw out a list. A list that has student ID(s) with their respective names. I used to have the same list. It was mass-distributed by my lecturer, yes u hear it right. My lecturer. The first time looking at it, I just knew it’s a big mistake. But no one else seemed to think that. Maybe it’s just the kiasu-ness in me. LOL.

So what’s so important bout the list? As you guys might or might not know, student ID(s) and names have ALWAYS be kept separated. It is important that others don’t know ur id because we use our ID for everything. For logging on to uni computer labs. To print stuff. To surf net. To use the uni intranet for lectures and tests papers. To borrow books from library. And the most important yet, check ur exam results. So you say that’s what passwords are for. But exam results are usually just another list of ID(s) with scores adjacent to it. It’s accessible to everyone so that’s why they only put up ur ID. So, u’ll remain anonymous in a way, unless if u noe other ppl’s ID, which usually is the case for say, friends. But in this case, this LIST will allow u to know who the heck score 100%, who exactly fail and etc. Now didn’t I say everyone has the list? The lecturer soon realise this breach of privacy and asked the tutors to collect them back during the tutorials. Mine did. Other ppl’s did. Z’s didn’t. So recently, a test result was posted up and being typically kiasu, we look at other ppl’s result la. I mean that’s what u DO right?

But X threw the list out. Because it’s against X’s principles. It’s just a wrong thing to do. To invade people’s privacy. Now that make it sound soooo bad. Yala, I know it’s bad la, but tell me who during primary or secondary days, doesn’t look over their teacher’s shoulders to get even the slightest glimpse of the book that recorded everyone’s result? I know I do. And I haven’t change a bit.

So Z was saying this is why the future spouse will need to be a Malaysian. Lol. I mean seriously la, who would have tot that’s wrong right? International students just DON’T think that way. It’s just something that’s embedded deeply in our natures. Especially Malaysians. Like me. And Z. And many others imo. So are we really that kiasu? Nola, we are just too kepoh. Ironically, international students are usually the ones who are known for not sharing their results. Yameh? Actually locals also mind what. I won’t mind sharing mine la, what is there to hide? Just a bunch of numbers, well hopefully number(s) instead of number.

So now kenot noe who scored, who failed d. It’s like depriving me of the icing when someone else is having it on their cakes. I’m sure there’s some other people who still have the list and is doing the exact same thing. Ya, that doesn’t make it right but who cares? It’s not like it’s against the law or anything. It’s a source to fulfil our curiosity and nosiness ok? Just plain FUN. Now who has the list? Gimme gimme!! *grins* So what’s my result? It’s OK lohhh. Hahaha


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